Everyone seems to be jumping on the solar power craze; however, does anyone actually know how it works? Here at SEM Power, our team of professionals is here to make sure you have all the information you need to understand how solar panels for your home works. We are specialized Florida solar installers who care. 


How Does Solar Work?

Solar generated electricity continues to grow as the world’s fastest-growing energy source. And as it grows, this means that more residents incorporate solar energy into their households. States like New Mexico are already beginning to pass clean energy legislation, illustrating how far renewable energy has come. But how does the solar process work? We are here to break it down. 


The solar panels are usually installed on your roof, and they’re made of silicon photovoltaic cells- so they can absorb as much sunlight as possible. With the help of the solar panels, the sunlight is converted into direct current electricity. That’s because of the photons from sunlight, which knocks electrons loose from their silicon atoms.


From there, the direct current electricity converts into alternating current electricity. This feeds into your main electric switchboard; your switchboard is responsible for storing and distributing this energy for home use. Too scientific? Let’s break it down further.


The Process of Solar Panels for Your Home

  1. Solar panels absorb sunlight
    1. The panels are made with silicon photovoltaic cells which absorb sunlight.
  2. Sunlight is converted into direct current electricity.
    1. Inside the cells, photons from sunlight knock electrons loose from their silicon atoms. 
    2. Two opposite-changed lawyers of silicon labeled N & P.
  3. Direct current electricity is converted into alternating current electricity.
    1. The direct current electricity is sent to your home’s inverter, which turns it into alternating current electricity. 
    2. The inverter feeds the alternating current electricity to your main electric switchboard. 
  4. Solar generated energy is stored for home use. 
    1. The main electric switchboard stores and distributes your solar-generated energy as you use it throughout your home. 

If your residential solar system is generating more power than being consumed, the surplus power is changed back to the main power grid, which gives you credit on your electric bill.


We Are Here To Help! 

The SEM Power management group leads our team of professional employees by recognizing the importance of education in safety, quality of workmanship, and the ability to execute by holding one another accountable. This methodology arms our field personnel with a proven track record of accomplishments in completing solar and battery projects on time with a reduction of cost, increased reliability, and utmost care in quality.


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