A solar power system is a pioneering technology created to transform sunlight into usable energy that lights residential and commercial buildings and provides as well sufficient electricity for the ordinary operation of the gadgets and appliances found within these installations. Acquiring an environmentally friendly system not only offers sustainable advantages but also enhances meaningful financial and cost-saving opportunities benefiting the user. Currently, in the US, responsible contractors are spreading this message into a wider audience by actively working in the massification of this technology with proven solutions. SEM Power belongs to these leading examples, with a renowned reputation constructed as one of the more solid solar companies in Florida. 


What Is the Principle Behind a Power System Activated by Solar Energy? 

The principle behind solar energy has been around since 1839 when the photovoltaic effect transforming sunlight into electricity was discovered. 


By now, this principle has been masterfully engineered to facilitate the accommodation of multiple photovoltaic cells grouped together into fitting solar panels easily and safely placed at the rooftop of a structure to capture the sunlight.  


Why Is the Solar Power System Helpful for Your Home and Finances?

Having a home or a business powered by solar energy offers many advantages you need to know. For starters, the sustainable system will play a significant role in gaining energy independence and in the reduction of carbon footprint, air pollution outtake, water consumption, and dependency on fossil fuels. 


Financially, a solar-powered system offers these advantages to the homeowner:

  • Reduction of the electricity bill: you are no longer paying the utility fee associated with traditional electricity, which comes from expensive and highly polluting hydrocarbon sources (gas, diesel, or carbon) or water.
  • Low maintenance of installations: the integrity of a solar panel is relatively cheap, compared to other equipment of similar function (for instance, an electricity emergency generator), cables and wiring, and lightbulbs.
  • Tax incentives: from 2019 until 2022, you can use the federal investment tax credit given to homes powered by renewable energy.


Additionally, the solar companies in Florida have special financing programs for commercial and industrial clients interested in transitioning to green and renewable energies. Each contractual term could be developed according to the framework and budgetary availability suiting each case. Typically, the three business alternatives featured are capital purchase, property assessed clean energy, and solar lease. 


What Are the Essential Aspects Involved in the Installation of a Solar Powered System? 

Hiring a specialized contractor to take over the job is the fundamental driving force for the installation and successful operation of the system. This contractor shall be responsible for all the tasks involved since the first inspection of the facility to the design, procurement, civil construction, installation, operation, and maintenance of the system, complying with the legal framework and quality standards required.  


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