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“We are proud to have installed Florida’s largest commercial solar rooftop and countless opportunities to residents of the Sunshine state. Success stories like this would not be possible if it were not for SEM Power’s team of dedicated, experienced professionals that truly love what we do. SEM Power takes pride in knowing through responsible growth in the energy market, we are building a better community and future for all Floridians.”


Brett Emes


SEM Power has been installing solar systems since 2003, our extensive knowledge combined with the professional experience from our team continues to provide an advantage in completing projects safely and to the highest standards no matter the complexity or circumstance. The management team leads over 50 employees based in offices across Florida, including sales and operations teams, back office support, and a dedicated service department. Our NABCEP-certified solar installer and electrician teams have decades of combined experience and are the best of the best in Florida solar power. We do not sub-contract any portion of the solar installation process. The SEM Power team is led by our President Brett Emes.

“SEM Power is an energy company on a mission to provide complete Solar and Battery Energy systems that perform beyond our customers’ expectations.”

David Kozlowski

Director of Business Development

Our approach has been carefully crafted to achieve our goal; Be a true industry leader through innovation and our commitment to our customers’ need of obtaining safe, clean, reliable and cost-effective solutions to a rapidly changing energy eco system.
For SEM Power, this core value continually allows for an exciting opportunity to build on an impressive resume of proven partnerships and executed projects such as the following to name a few:

  • Nearly 100 Florida Power and Light Distributed Generation projects in high profile locations such as:
  • Zoo Miami
  • Palm Beach International Airport
  • Kennedy Space Center
  • Turkey Point Nuclear Facility

We have an impressive portfolio well over 1000 installed solar projects.

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Customer Reviews


Customer Reviews

Ed Schifman

I rarely write reviews, and to be frank, a company needs to be very bad or they need to be extraordinary to get me to post anything. In the case of SEM Power, the word EXTRAORDINARY is the right word. Although I installed approximately 112 solar panels about five years ago, Hurricane Irma required a new roof, and in doing so, those 112 solar panels had to come down and then reinstalled back in place. Because I was able to reconfigure my solar pool heater in a different location, it allowed me the ability to add another 12 or so panels. In doing so, my billing from FPL has gone from $650 per month five years ago to $8 today. Yes, $8!!! Hard to believe, but solar is incredible. In addition to a reinstall, the software needed to be able to see and control the daily use of power has been challenging, only because an outside vendor supplies the equipment and software. That said, SEM Power has been by my side to get this resolved multiple times due to no fault of their own. This is a tribute to a great organization that I feel was a great decision on my part. If you choose solar, give them a call. I was 110% satisfied!!!

Steven Gardner

Awesome Company, great customer service, installation, and a wonderful experience overall. I am now saving a lot of money on my electric bill. Thanks

Brian TR.

I have been researching solar companies for a year or more and recently went with SEM Power. Today is install day. The crew showed up on time and were ready to work. I am impressed with the respect and work ethic the three gentlemen have doing the install. They are quick with the "Yes sir, no sir" and took the time to show me the workings of the power inverter panel installed on the side of my house. The lead worker explained the process to me of what would be taking place during the install. Michael Barger, the salesman kept me apprised of the items to follow, the inspections, Fpl meter swap and final testing. I am glad I went with SEM Solar and reccomend them to all.

Jacqui McCurdy

Fantastic company fantastic experience! I have had solar for 2 years now and save at minimum half of my old Duke power bill every month. This company has excellent follow up and very responsive to calls! I love looking at the app they have hooked up to the system to monitor my savings! Thank you SEM!!

Jim Latchford

I have had the opportunity to interact with the personnel of SEM Power regarding some equipment issues with my solar panel system and found their response to be professional on a personal and technical level. They went the extra mile to assure me that I understood the nature of the issues and their satisfactory resolution of same. I am quite satisfied with their continue willingness and efforts to make sure that their system is performing as advertised to my satisfaction.