Deciding to install a Florida solar panel system on your house is a big decision that could cost a significant amount of money, which is why you need to make sure that you are installing your solar battery system at the best time of year. However, without expert knowledge, you may not know when the best time is, and that’s where SEM Power in Florida can help! Keep reading for their installation tips.


Finding the Right Time for a Florida Solar Panel Installation

If you’ve been looking into adding a solar battery system to your home, you may be asking yourself a number of different questions, including, is there an ideal time to have my installation done? Similarly to other industries, solar companies do have an “active” or “busy” season and other times where their business tends to slow down. However, there really is no “bad time” to install solar panels on your home!


It is a common belief that solar panels are unable to work during cloudier seasons, like the fall, when the sunlight isn’t directly making contact with the panels, which is why many people believe that the springtime is the best time to have solar panels installed. But the truth is, all solar panels are created and designed to make the most out of every type of weather, including the times when the sun isn’t at its brightest. The panels are “designed for efficiency,” which means that they will continue to produce energy and power even when conditions are ideal. What this means for installation purposes is that waiting until spring to have your system installed because summer is closer doesn’t make the most sense. 


When you’re thinking about a solar panel project, there are other things that are more important than the time of year or next season. There are a variety of factors that should be carefully considered when you’re picking a date for your install.

  • Are there other repairs going on at your home?
  • Your budget
  • Work, family, and travel schedules
  • Your availability to dedicate to the installation process
  • The solar power company’s availability
  • Whether or not the panels you’re looking for are available


Taking the time to think about these aspects of your life and situation before jumping into a project is more beneficial than worrying about doing it during the right time of year or in the perfect season. There are going to be busy seasons for your installation team, which is why getting in contact with them as soon as you can is critical, but take the time to speak with them about other factors and not just the right season. 


Contact Us for Your Florida Solar Panel Installation

SEM Power has over 30 years of experience as leading Florida solar installers. Our team of engineers takes the time to speak with our clients to make sure we understand what they are looking for from their project, as well as any concerns they have before their installation. If you’re looking to add a solar battery system to your home, we would be happy to help. Call or visit us today for more information!

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