In the state of Florida, we never have a lack of sunshine. But did you know you could get paid to take in some of that sunshine? Taking advantage of some Florida solar incentives can lead to decreased electricity bills, investment and state tax credits as well as cash rebates! It has never been easier or cheaper to get your solar panels purchased and installed. It has also never been a better time, in this age of climate awareness it’s important to be vigilant about the impact you leave on this would. And trusting the most abundant source of renewable energy will be a decision you will never regret!


What are tax credits and why are they great?


The tax credits you receive for switching to solar will make you wonder why you haven’t switched sooner! The investment tax credits you can receive can lower the cost of your solar panel system in your home or business equal to 30%, a discount like that is nothing to sneeze at! Also,  with a state tax credit, Florida will let you install your solar system with no penalty on tax day! And with your Solar tax exemption, you will pay no sales tax on your system! Preparing for a better tomorrow has been made easy by the sunshine state, so stop looking for Florida solar installers, SEM power has you covered!


More Florida solar incentives!


Did you know your electric company could send you a check every month for taking in solar energy? You can take advantage of net metering and only pay for the solar you use in the month! Any excess solar energy stored is sent back to the power grid and your electric company will send you a credit that can be used on next month’s bill! Taking in solar energy for 12 hours a day can really add up, so be conscious of the power you use and enjoy the free electricity bill you could receive! I’m not sure there was ever a better reason to call a Florida solar installers! 


The positive impact of Solar Energy!


Traditional electricity comes from the burning of fossil fuels, which really damages this planet! Especially this day in age, we consume so much electricity it has become something we cannot live without. So why not try to make a difference in your life and on your planet? Solar energy is a clean and renewable source of energy, by harnessing the suns solar energy we are able to convert it into a source of energy that will never fade. Lower your carbon footprint today by getting in touch with Florida solar installers at SEM power today!


Make the switch!

Take advantage of these Florida solar incentives by reaching out to SEM power and getting an idea of what solar energy could do for you! It’s never a bad time to make a change that your grandchildren will thank you for as well as your wallet! Contact SEM power today at 1 (888) 496-1119 or visit to learn more about what solar energy can do for you!

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