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The Best Solar Company in Florida, Home

SEM Power –
The Best Solar Company in Florida

SEM Power is a solar installation company based in Tampa, FL. We have been installing solar energy for homes, businesses, and agriculture throughout Florida since 2009.

Learn how our best-in-class solar technology + our experienced, dedicated team can help you save utility costs with clean, renewable solar energy.


The Best Solar Company in Florida, Home
The Best Solar Company in Florida, Home


SEM Power has installed hundreds of solar electric systems for homeowners throughout Florida. SEM Power is one of the best solar companies in Florida! SEM installs the highest quality photo-voltaic equipment for residential customers on behalf of a variety of solar sales partners

The Best Solar Company in Florida, Home
The Best Solar Company in Florida, Home


Full service solar photo-voltaic, electrical and structural engineering, design and construction firm; specializing in ground mounted solar plants, roof mounted PV systems, and solar carports in Florida and the Caribbean.

The Best Solar Company in Florida, Home
The Best Solar Company in Florida, Home


We have the capabilities to develop utility-scale solar projects. SEM Power streamlines the project development of large photovoltaic plants that generate clean energy.

The Best Solar Company in Florida, Home
The Best Solar Company in Florida, Home


For many organizations, our battery storage systems help enhance the value of their solar investment. Solar by itself can drastically cut monthly energy bills. Storage systems amplify those savings by addressing demand charges. Combining solar and storage can be a winning combination for customers with the right energy profile.

The Best Solar Company in Florida, Home
The Best Solar Company in Florida, Home


Our process for Engineering, Procurement, and Construction (EPC) guarantees quality solar projects that are on time and low-cost. We bring differentiated value that no other EPC provider can deliver.

Why Choose SEM Power?


SEM Power has been leading the energy independence charge since 2009. Our extensive industry knowledge and decades of professional experience enables us to complete solar projects safely and efficiently. Our work exceeds the highest quality standards, no matter the complexity or circumstance, making us the best solar company In Florida.

We specialize in developing and implementing the latest advanced energy technologies; including grid-tied solar systems, energy storage solutions and off-grid power systems. Our commercial portfolio includes some of the largest solar photo-voltaic plants designed and constructed in Florida and the Caribbean.

SEM Power doesn’t stop there, we offer industry leading service and support teams for the ongoing operation and maintenance of existing solar facilities.


Save Money With Solar

Check out our solar financing and solar incentives to help your save by switching to solar energy for your home or business.



SEM Power has been installing solar panels in the Florida area since 2003 and has no plans of stopping now!


The solar panels we install are manufactured by reputable companies, meaning you receive more durable and effective panels.


We understand how vital solar energy is to the environment and try to find ways for anyone to join the solar craze.


Our clients are given a variety of financing options to speed up your solar process and make it affordable for everyone.


SEM Power is highly recommended by businesses and residents throughout the state of Florida.

Get an Electric Vehicle Outlet FREE with a residential solar installation

When you secure your residential solar install through SEM Power, we will install a level two 240v Electric Vehicle (EV) outlet at no additional charge!

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Customer Reviews

When looking for a solar company you can trust, you want to hear real testimonials from past clients. At SEM Power, we don’t rest until our clients are satisfied, and it shows in our feedback. From start to finish, we stay diligent because we know it’s in our client’s best interest.

We’ll keep constant communication with you to ensure your needs are being met. We’re not here to simply sell you a solar system and then leave. We genuinely want to see you succeed with your new system and will ensure you are given the proper resources to do so.

Featured Project

Hillsborough County Ruskin Recreation Center

Design and Installation

This 65.3kW system is FOUR TIMES the size of a standard residential solar panel system, and provides enough power to completely run the Ruskin Recreation Center on solar energy!

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