Has the idea of converting to solar power ever cross your mind, but you never acted on it? Well, there is no better time than now. What are you waiting for? Why not take advantage of the many benefits and get started today? At SEM Power, we are experts in solar battery solutions. When it comes to the perfect solar battery system, we are the ones to trust. We are available all across Florida.


The Time Is Now!

The future of sustainable energy is utilizing battery storage. From electric cars to industrial-scale solar farms, batteries are the key factor to cleaner and more efficient energy. SEM Power is set to lead this movement, and together, we can stop contributing to potentially catastrophic climate changes. The ultimate solar experience is where the customer produces their own clean energy and stores it for use when the utilities are charging the highest rates.  


Solar Battery Solutions Equal Incentives

  • Battery Storage systems have acquired the same incentives as solar energy including 30% ITC and Federal/State depreciation schedules.


  • Currently, in mid-2017, the California State government has launched a rebate campaign to incentivize residential and commercial property owners to install and utilize battery storage systems to demand less from the utility grid (especially during peak hours).


  • This debate has gone through two openings from May through June 2017, and the average rebate is $.40-$.55/kWh for the associated battery storage system.


Also, be sure to consider these benefits when it comes to a solar battery system:

  • Store and use your solar energy during peak energy hours.
  • Protect your home during a power outage.
  • Get off the grid.

There has never been a better time to consider solar. Advancements in solar technology have made it more affordable, and improvements in battery technologies are giving customers greater energy independence.


Trust Us With Solar Battery Storage

SEM Power has been offering the highest quality engineering, design, and installation of photovoltaic systems since 2009. We specialize in researching and implementing the latest in advanced energy technologies, including grid-tied solar photovoltaic systems, energy storage solutions, and off-grid power systems. Our commercial portfolio includes some of the largest photovoltaic plants designed and constructed in Florida and the Caribbean. Furthermore, SEM Power provides an industry-leading service and support team for the ongoing operations and maintenance of existing solar plants. Finally, as one of the leading residential EPC providers in Florida, we have earned our reputation for the highest quality.


Call Us Today About Our Solar Batteries

When it comes to picking a solar installation company, there are several factors to consider in order to receive the most cost and time efficient solar experience. SEM Power is a top Florida solar installer and features the best solar battery system. We are leading the charge when it comes to harnessing the power of battery technology, and we have made significant investments already. Call SEM Power today for your solar battery solutions. We are specialized in solar battery storage and are ready to get you started for the future!

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