Are you trying to install your own solar panel? This may not be the best choice. How much do you know about professional solar panel installation? At SEM Power, our team of professionals is here to make sure that you have all the information to make the best choice. We are one of the best solar companies in Florida. 


The Downside to DIY

  • Complex Setup – There may be plenty of online tutorials available, but if you do not have firsthand experience with electrical work, the setup process will be a headache. You’ll need to work on the wirings for the panels, inverter, battery or meter. Apart from that, you have to do physical labor and climb on the roof. 
  • Legal Issues – Solar installations require permits, and specific regulations should be met. It can be a challenge to figure out if your DIY installation is up to code or not. You need to hire a professional to make sure the system meets the legal standards. 
  • Limited Application – Most DIY solar kits are designed for off-grid applications, and they may not be enough to meet your energy needs all the time. Homeowners are not allowed to connect their solar system to a grid without the sign-off from their utility company. 


The Upside To Solar Panel Installation

  • Experience – In most states, to be a professional installer means you need to obtain licensure or certification to install solar panels. These individuals have the experience, and they have been doing the job for a certain number of years. Thus, they can guarantee a flawless installation. 
  • Hassle-Free – There is no need for you to climb on the roof or figure out complicated electrical work. If you hire a professional, you’ll be able to sit back, relax, and wait for your solar system to be connected to the grid. 
  • High-Quality Materials – Professional installation may be more expensive than a DIY solar kit, but it can provide you with higher quality materials. Installers can also purchase equipment from suppliers that are not always available to the average consumer. They also provide warranties so any future repairs may be covered.


Most homeowners end up asking themselves if they should do it themselves or hire a professional? Depending on your situation, one may be the better choice. Before you make a decision, consider the points we made above. 


You Can Count On Us!

SEM Power has been focused on leading the sustainable energy independence charge since 2003. Our extensive industry knowledge combined with professional experience from our team continues to provide an advantage in completing projects safely, to the highest standards, no matter the complexity or circumstance. We specialize in developing and implementing the latest advanced energy technologies; including grid-tied solar systems, energy storage solutions, and off-grid power systems. Our commercial portfolio includes some of the largest solar photovoltaic plants designed and constructed in Florida and the Caribbean. Sem Power doesn’t stop there, we offer industry-leading service and support teams for the ongoing operation and maintenance of existing solar facilities.


Call Our Solar Companies in Florida

If you are balancing the idea of implementing a solar panel system into your home, we have everything you need. SEM Power is a top Florida solar installer and features the best solar battery system. We are leading the charge when it comes to harnessing the power of battery technology, and we have made significant investments already. Call our professionals today for solar panel installation. We are specialized in solar battery storage and are ready to get you started for the future with one of the best solar companies in Florida!

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