How do your solar panels get electricity? What is powering them? A common question we get as a business is whether or not your solar panels need s generator. The experts are SEM Power here to put an end to the confusion and help you. We are one of the top solar energy companies Florida has to offer. When it comes to solar panels Florida residents depend on, we always deliver the best services.


What Happens When The Power Goes Out?

Unfortunately, when the power goes out, your solar panels will need some assistance during this total blackout. Your panels are only producing electricity during daylight hours. At night, you’re drawing power from the grid. During the day, your home uses the energy it needs from the panels and sends the rest back to the grid. The electric company then sells any surplus energy to your neighbors, and you receive a credit toward your electric bill. That credit then offsets the amount of energy you ultimately end up using/buying at night. 


First, your panels may not generate enough solar energy to power your home 100%. If they don’t, and you were trying to rely entirely on that energy, it wouldn’t be pretty. You’d have lights flickering and appliances turning on and off always. It would be inconvenient and annoying.


Second, since your home has to be connected to the grid, there are safety protocols that are required to be built-in. As you know, during a power outage, the utility company sends crews out to work on power lines. While there’s work being done, the sections of the grid being worked on are shut off to keep the workers safe from errant electrical currents traveling through the wires. To prevent homes that are using solar from continuing to try to send electricity to and fro on the grid, your panels shut down too.


Back-Up For Solar Panels Florida

If and when this unfortunate situation happens, it is essential to make sure you look over your three options. They are as follows:

  • Generator
    • The first is a traditional generator. There are generators of various sizes that can use either power a few appliances or your entire home. It’s up to you to determine what type of investment you’d like to make.
  • Inverter
    • The second option is a solar inverter. This is an additional piece of hardware that some people opt to have installed with their systems. An inverter needs to be manually switched on and will allow your home to continue to use the energy generated by your panels while remaining completely shut off from the grid. However, these inverters aren’t going to generate a huge amount of electricity – in fact, they may not even generate enough to run an air conditioner. But you’ll be able to have some lights, an outlet to charge your phone, and perhaps enough wattage to keep your refrigerator going. It’s definitely better than nothing.
  • Solar Plus Battery
    • The third option is to invest in solar plus battery storage. Such as a Tesla Powerwall. Essentially, with a solar battery, you’re creating your own power backup. Throughout the day as your panels generate energy to be used by your home, the excess is stored in your very own battery. In the event of an outage, you simply turn on your battery. You’re able to keep your home powered. Some batteries require a manual process to switch over and are unable to recharge themselves during use, but the Tesla Powerwall is a step above. With this system, your home will automatically disconnect from the grid and switch over to battery power within a second – you most likely won’t even realize the power is out! From there, your Powerwall will continue to charge itself from the energy created by your solar panels, allowing you to power your entire home for days.


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