The future is here! You already heard of the miraculous cars that drive themselves. This amazing company that bought already the most innovative technology is at is again. We are talking about Tesla. Here at SEM Power, we are proud to offer the Tesla Powerwall. For those who have no idea what this generator is, our professionals are here to explain everything you need to know. We are the ones to trust when it comes to Florida solar installers. 


What Is A Tesla Powerwall?

Tesla describes the Powerwall as a “rechargeable lithium ion battery with liquid thermal control.”  It is one of the few companies in the residential energy storage market that makes small-scale batteries for home energy storage. Tesla battery packs are an ideal pairing for solar panel systems, especially in the case of off-grid projects where homeowners need or want to become fully independent of their utility. A solar storage solution like the Tesla Powerwall allows you to maintain a sustained power supply during the day or night. 


Three Reasons Why You Need A Tesla Home Battery

  • Maintains your commitment to going solar
    • People choose to go solar for lots of reasons. They might be looking to lower their utility bills, or they are passionate about helping the environment. Sometimes, it is even to “stick it to the man” and break away from the utility companies. And in many cases, it’s a little bit of a mix between the three. Solar battery backup compliments your commitment to going solar and generating your own electricity.
  • You get seven days worth of electricity
    • With the Tesla Powerwall’s recommended installation, your entire home or office will be powered for a week. It does this by using the solar energy that you’ve already generated and stored, which is prioritized over a tertiary power supply. And except for cases concerning the most extreme natural disasters, a week is plenty of time for the utility to have you back up and running again.
  • Everything is automatic
    • Possibly one of the greatest benefits of the Tesla Powerwall is that the entire process is automatic. During a power outage, the grid automatically shuts down power to your home. When that happens, the Tesla Powerwall immediately kicks into gear so quickly that you may not even realize there’s an outage. There’s no manual effort on your part to keep your home up and running.


Call Us For Florida Solar Installers

If you are balancing the idea of implementing a Tesla home battery into your home, we have everything you need. SEM Power is a top Florida solar installer and features the best solar battery system. We are leading the charge when it comes to harnessing the power of battery technology, and we have made significant investments already. Call our professionals today for your solar battery solutions and Florida solar installers. We are specialized in solar battery storage and are ready to get you started for the future with one of the best solar companies in Florida!

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