Do you own Florida Solar Panels? When was the last time you cleaned them? Clean solar panels, mean more money saved! Here at SEM Power, our team of professionals want to make sure you have the best tips to keep your solar panels in the best shape. You can count on one of the best solar panel companies in Florida to give tips you can trust!


Keep Your Panels Clean

Depending on your local climate, rain and storms can help wash away dirt, bird droppings and other debris that has landed on the solar panels, however, it can also cause debris to make your panels a little on the dirty side. If you have solar panels that are mounted on the ground, you’re in luck because they are easy to access and clean regularly. For solar panels that are mounted on the roof, precautions need to be taken for safety reasons. If you are planning to clean your solar panels on your own, you need to keep some important tips in mind to stay safe. That is what we are here for.


Tips To Clean Your Florida Solar Panels

  1. Keep Your Feet on The Ground

It’s best to use a high-pressure water hose to clean the solar panels and if possible, stay on the ground and avoid climbing onto the roof.


  1. Use a Water Softener

If the water from your tap is hard, it’s a good idea to purchase a softening water hose that will help keep the harsh residue from landing on the panels as you clean them. Hard water has minerals that can damage solar panels over time as they will stick to them.


  1. Use Proper Personal Protection

If you must climb a ladder and get on the roof, be sure to use the right equipment to do so. This includes a sturdy ladder as well as rugged gloves that will enhance your grip as you climb. A good pair of work gloves can help you hold onto the ladder and can also help keep your hands protected as you clean. You should also wear slip-resistant shoes to prevent slipping from the ladder or the roof.


  1. Shut It Down

Before you begin to clean solar panels, you need to shut down the system to keep it safe. If you don’t know how to shut your system off, you need to contact your installer or read your manual.


  1. The Right Time

If you are going to try to clean your solar panels on your own, try to schedule a cleaning time either early in the morning or in the late evening when the sun is not blaring down on them. Not only will this help prevent you from burning yourself on hot panels, but it also prevents sudsy water from evaporating and leaving soapy dirt streaks all over the panels.


Call For The Best Solar Panel Companies in Florida

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