Save With Solar

Save Money On Your Utility Bills With Solar Energy Installed By SEM Power

, Save With Solar

Solar energy is the best way for homeowners in Florida to save money on their electric bills. And if you choose a solar installer like SEM Power that has proven experience with solar financing solutions & tax incentives, you’ll be well-positioned to save money by going solar.

Save money on your Florida energy costs by going solar with SEM Power.

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Solar Financing Solutions

Solar and Battery Energy storage financing solutions exist for every budget and organization type. No matter the size of your project, SEM Power has you covered with our extensive solar financing solutions and lending partners.

Solar Incentives & Rebates

In some states, when you install a solar system the value of your property assessment rises and therefore, the amount you pay in property taxes goes up as well. NOT IN FLORIDA! There are key solar incentives in Florida that you should know in order to maximize your investment.

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