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Install a New Solar Roof in Your Home or Office.

Most residential solar panels are placed on top of the roof. That means when you’re hoping to install solar power for your home, you might want to get a roof inspection first. Afterwards, call SEM Power to get a quote on your new Tampa solar roof, so that you can start making a plan!

, New Solar Roof

Before You Cover Those Shingles With A Solar Roof, Here’s What You Need To Know​

Everything needs a good foundation. Roofs that are damaged from the elements or weakened by age don’t make good foundations. Your roof is made up of various layers that create an intricate system that not only shields the inside of your own, but also helps insulate it. When any of these various layers becomes damaged or weakened, it can make installing yet another layer of tech on top of it all rather risky. Roofs that are starting to wither with old age may not be able to withstand drilling into them to place the panels; they may be vulnerable to cracking or collapse if they are not able to carry the weight of the heavy panels either.

So what do you do before calling SEM Power for a quote?

First, you’ll need to find out the age of your roof. If you haven’t been in your house longer than 30 years than it’s likely you didn’t have the latest roof installed yourself, so you’ll have to look through some old records. Or, if your house is younger than 30 years, it likely still has its original roof (and may soon need replacing). Consult a professional roofer to help you out with investigation, and to inspect any other aspects of your roof that may prevent you from installing your solar power system.

How Getting Your Roof Repaired Or Replaced Before Solar Can Pay Off

If having a solar paneled roof is part of the dream for your home, you’ll want to do it the right way. You’ll need a sturdy roof to carry the weight of your panels, and it simply can’t be done with a weakened roof. Rushing in could result in even greater damage to your solar power system, your roof, and the inside of your home, all of which require costly repairs.

Not only that, but adding a new roof prior to installing your solar panels can actually come with other perks as well! Talk to SEM Power directly to learn about the different kinds of rebates and incentives you can earn by installing solar on top of a new roof.

Lastly, once you do install your solar power system (even if you push back your installation a little bit), your system will soon start paying for itself by saving you on your electric bill!

When it comes to solar installation, having a sturdy roof is just the sensible way to go!

, New Solar Roof

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SEM Power has helped many homes throughout the Tampa Bay area save on their grid power usage with the installation of a solar roof! Learn all the ways a new roof can help you save on your solar investment and give us a call!

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