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, Energy Storage Solutions

Energy Storage at Scale

Large-scale electricity customers can save money with our energy storage solutions by lowering demand charge spikes, by optimizing storage with certain time-of-use rates, reducing capacity charges, and by operating at an optimal power factor. A solar battery system can also be used as back up power preventing critical production downtime. With a battery energy solution, you will take control of negative impacts due to power outages; resulting in guaranteed energy reliability.

We are dedicated to empowering your business by implementing a solution that will allow you to become energy independent. We offer services like maintenance and installation of new solar battery systems as well as consultation on how best to maximize your building’s efficiency with these clean, renewable power sources.

SEM Power will engineer, procure, install and operate your commercial scale battery storage solution. SEM Power is proud to partner with S&C to provide commercial energy solutions.

, Energy Storage Solutions

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