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SEM Power is The #1 Florida Solar Company

, About Us

SEM Power is a Florida solar company headquartered in Tampa. We are committed to creating solar energy for homeowners and businesses who want to save money while positively impacting the environment through clean, renewable solar energy. Our solar experts will work with you to design a solar system that best fits your needs and budget for solar power.

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Our Story

Learn how SEM Power has been changing the way Florida residents power their homes and communities with affordable solar energy since 2009. 

Our Team

Meet our team of solar experts with decades of experience in the solar industry. We have been helping Floridians go solar since 2009. 

How Solar Power Works

Learn how solar panels work, how much they typically cost, and how much money you could save by installing them on your home or business! 

Frequently Asked Questions

Get answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about going solar in Florida that we receive during our solar installation projects.

Our Safety Culture

SEM Power has a dedicated safety team that constantly improves our environmental, safety, health and quality policies and programs. .

Looking for the best solar company in Florida?

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