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SEM Power Provides Expert Underground Utility Horizontal Directional Drilling Services

We use horizontal directional drilling (HDD), auger boring and tunneling methods to install municipal, commercial and residential utility pipe for the electric, telecommunications, oil and gas, sewer, water and irrigation industries.

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, Directional Boring


At SEM Power we understand thriving communities are built upon a reliable electrical infrastructure, and we are proud to help safely empower the lives and businesses of our utility partners’ customers. This belief, backed by our culture of stewardship, proven safety record and history of success has earned us the trust of electrical utility leaders in numerous markets.

Services and Capabilities

While we service projects of all sizes, our highly experienced team specializes in turnkey and custom electric utility solutions for large-scale design/build ventures. The critical services we provide span from underground installations and repairs to ongoing maintenance, design and upgrades.

Industries We Work With

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Oil & Gas

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Free Directional Boring Estimate

We’ll Take The Guesswork Out Of Your Next Project.

Every project is unique; for example, Florida encompasses widely varied soil conditions from rock to dirt to clay depending on location. This requires knowledge of soil conditions as well as other project site factors.

Factors we will consider when generating your cost estimate require some knowledge of the following:

  1. Soil conditions (drilling in dirt or rock)
  2. Size of utility, casing or inner-duct being installed
  3. Depth of Bore
  4. Length of Bore
  5. Location of job site (chances are we have a boring crew in your immediate area)
  6. Number of utilities located in immediate bore path area.
  7. Is hydro excavation of existing utilities required?

Underground projects require different tooling according to project site conditions underground. Underground boring requires knowledge of existing underground utilities. Cost of directional boring per foot can be given on medium to large projects. Cost will vary depending on the parameters listed above. Underground boring prices can have a significant price range depending on these factors. We can turn your estimate around in less than 24 hours on most occasions. We recommend giving us a call or sending an email with a few simple pictures attached and general information. It’s that easy.

Ask Us About The Benefits Of Directional Boring

Directional Boring

  • Direct cable installation
  • Cable and conduit/poly pipe installation


  • Below grade civil, electric and grounding
  • Above grade structure and equipment installation
  • Testing support – commissioning
  • Maintenance

Distributed Generation:

  • Transmission and distribution services
  • Maintenance
  • New construction and rebuild
  • Cast-in-place manholes and vaults – new construction and complete replacement
  • Cable pulling and splicing
  • Conductor Installation & Replacement

Benefits of Directional Boring

  • Environmentally Friendly
  • Minimal Disturbance to Surroundings
  • Less Rehabilitation Time
  • Saves Money

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