All across the United States, solar power is on the rise. There is enough solar energy installed in the United States to be able to power millions of homes, and in this clean energy revolution a key role is being played by the major cities of America. Cities in every area of the United States are major forces behind the adoption of solar energy. However, these cities are only starting to scratch the surface of their potential of solar energy. The cities that are at the top of their game and setting the pace for solar growth are the power players (literally) who are changing the way that we look at energy as a nation. The benefits for the environment, public health, grid resilience, and consumers alike are being shown by these cities. Read on to learn more about solar solutions and the ways that America should further the solar energy movement. SEM Power is one of the top solar panel companies in Florida. Call SEM Power today for your installation needs today!


Top Solutions With Solar Energy


Here are some ways that America is able to implement solar energy in the coming times.


  1. Set high goals for adopting solar energy- Setting ambitious goals is a great way to commit to 100 percent renewable energy in a realizable way. Cities such as San Diego have set goals as part of a broader commitment to 100 percent renewable energy, and goals can drive progress in different sectors.
  2. Solar Installations on Public Buildings Can Set an Example- Cities can push solar energy forwards through setting an example, boosting the local solar market, and save on their energy bills through installing solar projects on public buildings.
  3. Develop and publicize local financing options- State governments are allowed to loan money to home and business owners for energy improvements through the Property Assessed Clean Energy Program, which they pay back over time through property taxes. There are many other initiatives that allow for business and home owners to finance their home and business solar efforts with SEM Power, one of the top solar panel companies in Florida.
  4. “Solarize” the city- Businesses, homeowners, and nonprofits are able to purchase solar energy collectively through bulk purchasing programs, which lowers the cost of solar energy for everybody involved. In Athens, Georgia, “Solarize Athens” has more than tripled the residential solar energy capacity in Athens, Georgia.
  5. Promote community solar projects- Customers can support and benefit from community solar projects, as they can either own a share of the project in their community or subscribe through a Power Purchase Agreement (PPA).
  6. Remove Obstacles- Red tape associated with zoning and permitting make up around ⅔ of the total price of residential solar systems, and by eliminating such red tape, cities can increase solar energy while making it more affordable.
  7. Guarantee Solar Rights- There are certain solar access ordinances that guard the rights of homeowners to generate electricity from sunlight that shines on their property, regardless of any policies from the homeowners’ associations. Local governments should offer clear zoning regulations allowing solar energy installations on residential and commercial rooftops.


More Solar Solutions

  1. Being Solar Ready- Certain local governments have been able to adopt policies requiring new homes and buildings to have solar power or to be designed so that it can be easily installed. The majority of new buildings are now required by the city of San Francisco, for example, to be constructed with solar energy systems already installed.
  2. Partner with utilities- Cities should promote solar power through giving incentives to the electric utilities serving the areas to partner with them.
  3. Support strong state-level solar policies- A city’s ability to expand solar energy can be impacted strongly by state policies, which is why it’s important that cities use their influence to advocate for stronger state financial incentives for solar energy and other renewable energy goals.


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Customer Reviews


Customer Reviews

Ed Schifman

I rarely write reviews, and to be frank, a company needs to be very bad or they need to be extraordinary to get me to post anything. In the case of SEM Power, the word EXTRAORDINARY is the right word. Although I installed approximately 112 solar panels about five years ago, Hurricane Irma required a new roof, and in doing so, those 112 solar panels had to come down and then reinstalled back in place. Because I was able to reconfigure my solar pool heater in a different location, it allowed me the ability to add another 12 or so panels. In doing so, my billing from FPL has gone from $650 per month five years ago to $8 today. Yes, $8!!! Hard to believe, but solar is incredible. In addition to a reinstall, the software needed to be able to see and control the daily use of power has been challenging, only because an outside vendor supplies the equipment and software. That said, SEM Power has been by my side to get this resolved multiple times due to no fault of their own. This is a tribute to a great organization that I feel was a great decision on my part. If you choose solar, give them a call. I was 110% satisfied!!!

Steven Gardner

Awesome Company, great customer service, installation, and a wonderful experience overall. I am now saving a lot of money on my electric bill. Thanks

Brian TR.

I have been researching solar companies for a year or more and recently went with SEM Power. Today is install day. The crew showed up on time and were ready to work. I am impressed with the respect and work ethic the three gentlemen have doing the install. They are quick with the "Yes sir, no sir" and took the time to show me the workings of the power inverter panel installed on the side of my house. The lead worker explained the process to me of what would be taking place during the install. Michael Barger, the salesman kept me apprised of the items to follow, the inspections, Fpl meter swap and final testing. I am glad I went with SEM Solar and reccomend them to all.

Jacqui McCurdy

Fantastic company fantastic experience! I have had solar for 2 years now and save at minimum half of my old Duke power bill every month. This company has excellent follow up and very responsive to calls! I love looking at the app they have hooked up to the system to monitor my savings! Thank you SEM!!

Jim Latchford

I have had the opportunity to interact with the personnel of SEM Power regarding some equipment issues with my solar panel system and found their response to be professional on a personal and technical level. They went the extra mile to assure me that I understood the nature of the issues and their satisfactory resolution of same. I am quite satisfied with their continue willingness and efforts to make sure that their system is performing as advertised to my satisfaction.