The electrical power grip operates on a delicate supply and demand balance. There are high and low consumption periods, as well as high and low production periods. The efficiency of this balance can be increased with one of the many ways to store electricity. If you’ve been searching the web for a “solar company near me,” consider working with SEM Power in Tampa, Florida!


Different Ways to Store Electricity

There are several ways to store electricity during high production periods and release it back during low production periods. These methods include:


  • Hydroelectric Pumping: Electricity pumps water up to a reservoir. The water is released and flows down a turbine to produce electricity when it’s needed.


  • Thermal Energy: Electricity produces thermal energy, which is stored until it’s needed. It can produce cold water or ice that’s used for cooling purposes during the summer.


  • Flywheel Acceleration: In this process, energy is conserved as kinetic rotational energy. When it’s needed, a spinning force turns a generator to produce electricity.


  • Batteries: Large batteries can also store electricity in a similar way as smaller rechargeable batteries. 


  • Compressed Air: Electricity can also be stored as compressed air. During high demand periods, this air is released and generates electricity through an expansion turbine generator.


All of these are tried-and-true methods of storing energy, but hydroelectric pumping is the most popular. In March 2018, the U.S. Department of Energy found that this method accounted for 94% of all the nation’s energy storage!


Benefits of Storing Electricity

If you’re browsing for a “solar company near me,” you might already be familiar with the benefits of energy storage. Electric storage offers a plethora of environmental and economic benefits, and can also reduce the likelihood of brown-outs during peak consumption periods!


Electrical storage adds more renewable energy to the grid, meaning a lesser need for conventional energy production. This, in turn, can delay or even eliminate the need for additional power plants.


It also helps electrical generation facilities operate at more efficient levels, reducing the need for less efficient facilities.


Environmental Impacts of Electric Storage

The environmental benefits of storing electricity are some of the most important, which anyone looking for a “solar company near me” probably already knows!


As electric storage increases the amount of clean energy on the power grid, it reduces the amount of conventional energy. This reduces the number of traditional facilities that need to be used, along with the extreme amount of emissions they release!


Since this also reduces the need for additional energy facilities, the land would be built on remains unused. Green spaces are essential for biodiversity, oxygen production, and otherwise reducing the effects of greenhouse gases. In short, electrical storage can be a huge factor in combating climate change!


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