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When you secure your residential solar install through SEM Power, we will install a level two 240v Electric Vehicle (EV) outlet at no additional charge! It does need to be requested prior to the permit approval and ideally, the EV plug will be on the same wall as the fuse panel. It can be placed in another location, but would be subject to additional charges. The outlet type is a NEMA 14-50. Our amazing promo runs through June 30, 2021, so take advantage now!

How Many Solar Panels Do I Need to Charge my Electric Vehicle?

Most EV’s average about 3 to 4 miles of range per kWh of electricity stored in the vehicle’s battery. This example will use 3 miles of range per kWh. Let’s assume a person has a 30 mile commute every day, that would mean that if the homeowner wants to charge at home every night they would need 10 kWh of electricity to re-charge, or 50 kWh per week, 200 kWh per month, or 2,400 kWh for a 7,800 mile commute per year. 
Another way to calculate it would be to assume that you drive your car a total of 12,000 miles per year, which is equivalent to consuming 4,000 kWh per year. This is the number we will use to calculate the size of the required solar panel array.

The industry standard to obtain the solar panel photovoltaic (PV) system size you need for a specific production is to divide the annual kWh consumption by a coefficient of 1.5.

Using these numbers in our equation, 4,000 kWh/1.5 = 2.67 kW PV system size.


SEM Power’s go-to panel is the REC 355 watt Alpha Series.  This is the panel we will use for our example below.


2.67kW PV total system size / 355w panels = 7.5 panels. So there we have it.  If you buy an EV and drive 12,000 miles per year, you will need 8 solar panels to avoid purchasing kW from your energy provider.


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What Is Solar Power?

Solar panels collect and convert the sun’s energy into electricity. The panels are typically made of poly-crystalline or mono-crystalline materials. This energy production was first discovered back in 1954, and has evolved into today’s installation. With solar energy, it is still connected to an electric grid, thus if certain days the solar power is producing more than what is needed, it can be sent to the grid for later use. The same goes for when it’s not producing enough energy through the solar panels, and one can draw more out from the grid. This method helps regulate electricity use easier, allowing for continual savings on electric and utility bills, with the potential to eliminate them completely.

Solar Installs

Solar panels can be installed anywhere in the country, whether there’s a large amount of sunshine or not. The biggest factors in electricity production lie more in the angle and direction the roof is facing. The direction of the roof ultimately determines how much sunlight the home is going to receive through the panels. For most installations, if the roof is south-facing, that will generate the most sunshine, while north-facing generally produces the least effective amount of energy. That being said, there are homes that have different direction-facing roofs that still generate plenty of energy with their panels. If the roof is west or east facing, there may be a decrease in solar generation, upwards of 20%. But the panels can still do a pretty thorough job, they just may not be able to produce enough solar energy to power the home completely.

Most solar installations will be on the roof, but if the direction isn’t ideal, there’s always installing the panels on a garage or other secondary roof, along with ground installation. Besides the efficiency of using clean, pure energy from the sun, solar requires less dependence on fossil fuels while saving on monthly utility bills, even eliminating them completely.

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