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It’s important to be informed when choosing a solar panel system that’s right for your home. Finding the perfect set-up will depend on a number of factors, such as available space, potentials savings, energy autonomy, and, of course, the overall look. No matter what you’re looking for, SEM Power has partnered with REC solar panels to provide high quality, high power-output products for homeowners throughout Tampa. Speak with a solar panel expert today to find the best solution.

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  • Energy-efficient manufacturing processes minimize carbon footprint
  • Colossal 81% reduced lead content, only 0.02% by weight
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Exceptional quality

  • Made in REC’s state of the art, energy efficient facility
  • Highly automated production improves efficiency and reliability
  • Consistently one of the lowest warranty claims rate in solar
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Guaranteed better durability

  • Super-strong frame withstands up to 146 lbs/sq ft
  • Better protection against harsh weather
  • Improves cell life for long-lasting high power
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Stunning appearance

  • Uniform look fits seamlessly on your roof
  • Practically-invisible connections for the best choice for your home
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High power density of 20.2W/ft²

  • High power density on a 60-cell panel
  • Pack in more power in limited or restricted spaces
  • Generate more clean energy
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Salt Mist Certification

  • Salt mist is a factor that must be considered in the purchase of any product Certification IEC 61701


Savings generated by solar can be substantial. If you’re thinking about making the switch to solar, now is the time! Ask the team at SEM Power about the potential savings today.

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Solar Panel Specs




47.4 lbs


25* years performance warranty
(* When installed by a REC Certified Solar Professional Installer like SEM, the warranty is extended to 25 years with the REC ProTrust Warranty.)


68.5” X 40.6” X 1.57″”


Alpha Series Black on White

Operating Temperature

-40F up to +180F



Solar = less reliance on the grid and fossil fuels. Help to create a sustainable energy future. Adding solar to your home lets you take control of your future.


Access the free, abundant power of the sun with your solar panels. Lower your electric billl by using more of your own solar.


REC’s consistently low claims rate justifies outstanding warranty terms. Our warranty offering reflects this leadership and supports our premium product quality.

Exclusively offered by REC Certified Solar Professionals, the REC ProTrust Warranty gives enhanced product and labor coverage* , ensuring peace of mind and a lifetime of high power generation:

  • From year 2-25, the maximum annual degradation is 0.25%
  • 92% name-plate power in year 25*

(* When installed by a REC Certified Solar Professional Installer like SEM, the warranty is extended to 25 years with the REC ProTrust Warranty.)

*Conditions apply. See for more details


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