As one of the top solar panel companies in Florida, SEM Power receives many questions from homeowners who are interested in solar power for home use. Our firm gets a lot of questions ranging from basic informational queries like “How does solar work?” to the more complex “How efficient are solar panels?” Solar power is more popular than ever, and there are more and more homeowners who are looking to convert. Read on to learn more about some common questions we receive from homeowners who are considering solar energy for their homes. Call SEM Power at our Tampa headquarters for your Florida residential solar needs today!


Questions About Solar Power For Home Use


Here are some common questions our firm receives about homeowners who are looking to go solar in order to save money on their energy bill and cut down their carbon footprint:

  • How do I get free solar?- Unfortunately, there are many misleading ads out there which suggest that solar may be free. This is just not the case. However, there are many federal and state tax incentives that can make solar more affordable. For example, homeowners who purchase a solar system in 2020 can benefit from the Solar Investment Tax Credit, or ITC, which allows buyers to deduct 26% of the cost of their solar energy system from their federal taxes. In addition to rebates such as the ITC, our firm also provides many different financing options, such as lease or loan, offering homeowners multiple options when it comes to paying for their system. Of course, it’s also important to remember that solar is a long-term investment. While there’s an initial cost to get started, you’ll typically pay less for electricity over the lifetime of your home since a lot of your energy needs can be met by power collected from the sun.
  • Why does solar cost so much?- As one of the top solar panel companies in Florida, SEM Power offers a premium product with some of the most powerful solar panels in the industry. Moreover, every piece of our solar systems is meticulously designed and tested for long-term reliability. This is why our firm is able to stand behind our technology with strong warranties to guarantee your confidence. 


More Common Questions

  • Can I get a battery for my solar system?- With the recent power outages in California, a lot of homeowners are looking for a power backup or storage solution. When you make an appointment with one of our highly qualified and experienced consultants, you can learn all about your battery options so that you are able to take the best course of action to prepare for power backup situations. We pride ourselves on total transparency and will always recommend the course of action that we think will benefit your home the most.


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Now that you’ve learned about the basic questions regarding solar power for home use, you can chat with one of our experts to find out what solar options are best for your home. Call SEM Power, one of the top solar panel companies in Florida, at our Tampa headquarters today!

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