For many people considering solar panel installation, there are some common questions they may want answered. One of the biggest questions people have often relates to the size of solar panels. Read on to learn more about solar panel sizes, how they affect synergy use, and what is the best size for your property. Headquartered in Tampa, SEM Power is one of the top solar panel installers in Florida. If you’re looking for Florida solar installers, call SEM Power today!


Solar Panel Sizes Explained By Solar Panel Installers


Here are some top questions that we receive about solar panel size:

  • Is it important to consider various solar panel sizes?- Size is a factor to keep in mind when it comes to solar panels, but the selection of a solar powered system for a home for homeowners ultimately comes down to efficiency and reliability, and the solar panels SEM Power uses are top rated in both categories.
  • How are SEM Power panels more efficient?- Solar panels can be compared to windows. The size of a solar panel is like a window. The bigger the window, the more sunlight you can take in. Efficiency is the other critical factor. Just like with our window analogy, it all translates to the amount of light that comes through the window. A modern window will let in more light than old glass made in the 18th or 19th century, since there will be less impurities in the glass itself. The panels we use are like the modern window, they let more light through.
  • Is this true no matter the size of the panels?- This is true. The most common size we see in residential rooftops are around 41 inches wide by 62 inches tall, but it will vary by manufacturer. 


Florida Solar Installers Explain Solar Panels


  • How can some panels be more efficient than others?- It all really comes down to the cell technology. Every panel is made up of solar cells. Some solar panels utilize “interdigitated back contact technology.” Basically, all of the wires that carry the electricity from the solar cell is put onto the back of the cell. This then raises the power output by getting rid of shading. This, and many other technological improvements are utilized in the solar panels our firm installs.
  • What makes your panels more reliable?- A lot of solar products out there will operate efficiently in the beginning, but will quickly lose their efficiency. Our firm offers a solid copper foundation that literally holds the cells together. This means that snow and heavy winds are much less likely to reduce the efficiency of a solar system. This is also why we are able to offer some extremely comprehensive warranties so that you know your investment is protected.


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Size isn’t everything when it comes to solar panels, as efficiency plays a much larger role. Headquartered in Tampa, SEM Power are top solar panel installers. Call top Florida solar installers SEM Power for your solar panel needs today!

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