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From its beaches, trails, and wildlife at Fort DeSoto and Sand Key Parks, spectacular art collection at the Salvador Dali Museum, breathtaking natural beauty at Boyd Hill Nature Preserve & The Sunken Gardens, and bright, sunny days, Saint Petersburg FL, is undoubtedly one of the best places to live in the United States. If you’re an St. Pete resident, you probably already knew that. But, did you know that it’s also one of the best places for going solar?

SEM Power is the leading choice for a solar company in St. Petersburg, providing energy solutions to Florida businesses and homeowners since 2009.

, Solar Company St Petersburg FL
, Solar Company St Petersburg FL

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Why Choose Solar Energy?

Fuel shortages and rising costs continue to make residential power an expensive bill for any homeowner. Florida has some of the highest energy bills in the nation. Relieve the pressure on your wallet and invest in sustainable, reliable solar energy. With solar panels, you can increase your home’s value — all while putting money back in your pocket.

Soak up the sun — literally — for your St. Petersburg, Florida home. Discover the benefits of a solar panel system for your wallet while reducing your carbon footprint.

Solar energy systems from SEM Power can reduce your carbon footprint and dependence on fossil fuels.

The key is to book solar installers who know how to optimize your home’s energy. Look no further than our solar service experts here in St. Petersburg, FL. We’re eager to turn your home into a sun-powered sanctuary! Make a difference today by switching to solar energy from SEM Power

Why is Solar Power A Great Choice In St. Petersburg FL?

Florida has the 10th highest average price for residential electricity in the US, with an average monthly electric bill of $106.65. Solar energy systems are aimed primarily at conserving the scenic beauty of Florida beaches that are filled with green agriculture, pristine beaches, and lush forests. The Sunshine State has plenty of available solar power, as it’s the 10th sunniest state in the US. This enormous amount of sunshine every year provides Saint Petersburg home owners with plenty of potential renewable electricity solar energy.

, Solar Company St Petersburg FL

Why Choose SEM Power For Solar Installation?

Why, because we’re the best! And we’re not just saying that — we have thousands of happy customers, and we’re consistently rated as the most reliable, efficient solar installers in St. Petersburg and throughout all of Florida! We believe that every homeowner deserves sustainable energy — not to mention serious savings! We employ own own technicians and solar installers for your project. we do not subcontract out your work. You will be working directly with your installers.

Let us help you reduce your carbon footprint, fossil fuel dependence, AND your power bill in one fell swoop.

What We Offer:

  • Free and fast quotes
  • Free home energy audit
  • Optimal solar array design for best energy savings
  • Cost-efficient, expert installation
  • Friendly service!
  • 25-year warranty for production
  • 25-year manufacturer’s warranty and Enphase microinverter warranty

We care about our customers and want to help them enjoy all the benefits of going solar.

Will your home be our next amazing solar project in St. Petersburg, Florida?

We have earned an A+ rating by the Better Business Bureau (BBB) through our dedication to our customers, and we’re certified by the North American Board of Certified Energy Practitioners (NABCEP).

We build commercial as well residential solar energy systems designed to maximize cost-savings for your home and business. SEM Power’s installers are unmatched by others in St Petersburg — call us at 1-888-496-1119 .

, Solar Company St Petersburg FL

3 Steps to Solar Panel Installation

Step 1. Energy Audit and System Planning

Our solar service experts examine your property to figure out the perfect place to install your solar panels. We’ll also ask about your energy usage so we can build an array that meets your needs!

Step 2. Installation

We install the entire system, including solar panels, inverters, and optional accessories including battery storage systems, and EV car charging outlets.

We take care of the entire process, including system permitting, so that you can enjoy your energy savings worry-free.

Step 3. Savings!

Over time, you’ll generate and store enough power to relieve your dependence on the grid — and start saving money! Plus, solar upgrades boost your overall home value. And you’ll feel good about helping save the planet as well!.

Protection During Power Outages with Solar Power in St. Petersburg FL

Many Florida home and business owners have already invested in energy-saving solar energy in order to protect themselves from an unexpected hurricane. The energy saving technology provided by solar panels and battery backup systems will help you stay in control of all types of power outages. With a battery backup system such as the Tesla Powerwall you can store the energy that your solar power system generates for use at night or during an unexpected power outage. 

SEM Power provides turnkey solar solutions including solar battery storage systems that will make sure you can protect your family, your home and your business in St. Petersburg.

, Solar Company St Petersburg FL

Our Solar Installation Process

So, saving the planet and saving money sound good. But we hear you: solar can be a bit intimidating! As St. Petersburg’s top solar service experts, we’re here to ease your mind.

Wondering how solar installation works? What to expect for your home and lifestyle? You’ve got questions, we’ve got expert answers.
Watch the video below, and our solar service experts will explain the process.

(And of course, feel free to contact us for more information! )

St. Petersburg, Florida is one of the most affordable places in the United States to install a solar panel system. You can contact our solar installation experts to learn more about the cost of your new system and get a free solar installation quote.

, Solar Company St Petersburg FL

When your solar panel system generates more electricity than you use, you receive a credit on your account for any unused electricity. You can pull from this at night or in the high demand months of summer. Any overage at year-end goes on your account as a $ credit at a prorated amount. This can be used to pay your Service charges or overage uses.

How Much Can You Save with Solar?

In Florida, sunshine is plentiful. But even on our gray days, solar panels continue to capture UV radiation, turning it into energy for your home. That reduces or even eliminates the amount of power you take from the grid — decreasing your electric bill to as low as $0! Wouldn’t it be nice to have one less bill to pay?
Plus, a residential solar energy system saves up power for a rainy day, so you’ll also have electricity, even during an outage.

Net metering is a feature that allows your electricity meter to run “backward” when you have a solar panel system installed, generating surplus electricity whenever possible.

Federal Solar Tax Credit

St. Petersburg residents can take advantage of the federal residential solar energy credit. This federal tax credit allows you to claim 26% of the total cost of your solar energy system installation, including equipment and labor charges.

In December 2020, Congress passed an extension of the Investment Tax Credit (ITC), which provides a 26% tax credit for systems installed in 2020-2022, and a 22% credit for systems installed in 2023. The tax credit expires starting in 2024 unless Congress renews it. That’s why it’s critical to act quickly and install your system right away, so you can use the federal tax credit before it decreases and potentially expires in 2024.

, Solar Company St Petersburg FL

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Property Tax Exemption

Have you considered making upgrades to your home or business, but you were indecisive because of the inevitable property tax hike? Well, that won’t be an issue when you choose to install a solar panel system.

According to CNBC, adding a new solar panel system to your home can increase its value by 4.1%. or about $9,454 for a median-sized home. Your home will increase resale value, but your property taxes will remain the same. Of course, the extra benefit of a property tax exemption on your new system is the cherry on top, in addition to the money you’ll save by generating your own power.

Here’s why St. Petersburg residents love us:

  • Affordable, expert solar installation/li>
  • Solar installers since 2009
  • Sustainable energy for any homeowner
  • Excellent customer service
  • A+ rating by the Better Business Bureau (BBB)
  • Certified by the Northern American Board of Certified Energy Practitioners (NABCEP)
  • Punctual, professional work crews
  • Extensive experience with residential, commercial, Agricultural, governments, and utility solar install projects
  • Efficient, custom solar arrays/li>
  • Energy independence
  • Satisfaction guarantee/li>
  • Energy efficient products
  • Clean energy for a cleaner planet
  • Lower power bills — plus possible incentives!
  • Track your energy savings online
, Solar Company St Petersburg FL

SEM Power: We’re St. Pete’s favorite solar service experts!

Ready to join the ranks of our happy solar customers? Call our solar service experts today and make your home a sustainable, money-saving solar home!

Looking for the best St Petersburg FL solar company?

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