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Innovation Through Renewable Solar Energy

As solar technology continues to advance, many companies are finding new and innovative ways to add clean, renewable energy to everyday life. Carport solar panels are an excellent example of this innovation, and they also provide numerous benefits to commercial businesses.

If you’re interested in a commercial solar carport, we can help. Call us today at 1-888-496-1119 to learn more about how you can take advantage of all the solar opportunities available to you, including commercial carport solar panels.

What is a Solar Carport?

A carport with solar panels is a ground-mounted structure with a canopy that provides a sheltered parking area, from small private driveways to expansive parking lots. On the canopy roof, built-in, adjustable solar panels generate clean, renewable energy. These solar canopies are vital to keeping cars cool and protecting  them from damaging UV rays— they’re like sunscreen for your car! 

Not only do solar carports provide efficient use of space, but they also bring financial and environmental benefits.

For many businesses, rooftop solar installations are simply not possible given the cost and engineering challenges. Installing a commercial solar carport is an excellent way to circumvent this problem and generate clean energy. They’re also highly customizable and easy to install in areas that otherwise would not be generating revenue.

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Electric Vehicle Charging Stations

At SEM Power, we also have the capabilities to add built-in electric vehicle charging systems. For commercial businesses that see frequent patronage, this can be a tremendous benefit.

Having a built-in EV charging station provides customers with a way to top off their batteries and vehicles while they visit your business. It’s an attractive feature that may persuade people to visit your business instead of one that doesn’t have a solar carport.

Both EV outlets and electric vehicle charging stations, such as the ChargePoint CT4021 , can be added inexpensively during the solar carport installation process.

, Solar Carport Installers

Car Port Installation Projects

Finemark Bank – Fort Myers Florida

, Solar Carport Installers

One of the best examples of our commercial solar carport installations is in Fort Myers, Florida, at the FineMark Bank. We installed a SolarScapes LSX Module carport with solar panels that provide shade and protection for bank customers and greater sustainability and financial benefits for the bank owners.

Solar Panel Specs:

  • Power Specs:
  • 78.3 kW
, Solar Carport Installers

Clean, Renewable Solar Energy That Saves Florida Businesses Money

There is a reason that SEM Power is the leading Florida solar company: because we’re experts at what we do. We’re committed to helping Florida business owners and homeowners create clean, renewable solar energy, providing a way to save money and reduce their carbon footprint.
We’ve installed commercial carport solar panels for many different Florida businesses, and our systems generate or store clean solar energy virtually every minute of the day.

Trust SEM Power - Carport Installer Experts

We’ve installed commercial carport solar panels for many different Florida businesses, and our systems generate or store clean solar energy virtually every minute of the day.

Contact us to schedule a free consultation regarding your solar carport installation.

, Solar Carport Installers

Environmental + Financial Benefits For Your Business

A commercial solar carport can make your business more sustainable by reducing your carbon footprint. Reducing your dependency on fossil fuels by switching to clean energy also provides environmental benefits.

Since carport solar panels use a canopy system, they only require a minimum of installation space. You can also generate more energy with a solar carport since you can adjust the panels to the optimal angle to receive as much sunlight as possible each day. That feature isn’t always an option with rooftop installations. Plus, the canopy provides shade from the relentless Florida sun and protection from precipitation, too.

Did we also mention the 22% federal tax credit available for commercial solar installations? The commercial solar carport tax credit decreases to 10% for systems that start construction in 2022, so it’s essential to act fast so you can take advantage of the entire rebate available to you.

, Solar Carport Installers

Solar Carport Safety for Building Tenants

Installing a solar carport at your commercial business, property, or transit structure makes the parking area much safer for those who must park there. Solar carport lights provide building tenants or customers with a greater sense of safety and security at nighttime. That’s because a well-illuminated parking lot is a deterrent for car thieves and other criminals.

Solar Installations for Outdoor Workspaces and Transit Shelters

In addition to solar carports, we’ve installed solar panels on outdoor office spaces and transit shelters.
These solar installations and equipment are similar to solar carports, but can be set up for different applications such as office park outdoor workspaces, bus and rail stops, airports, schools and colleges. These solar installations also include features such as charging outlets, fans, and lighting to create a safe, comfortable and convenient solution for companies, workers, students, and commuters.

These enclosures feature high-tech benefits such as integrated wifi hot spots, wireless mobile device chargers, both from the solar battery storage system and from off-grid solar components.

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If you’re ready to explore the financial, technological, and environmental benefits of installing carport solar panels, we’re here at SEM Power to answer your questions. Take advantage of all the commercial solar opportunities available to help you save money and protect the environment. Call us today at 1-888-496-1119 to speak to one of our solar experts. Headquartered in Tampa, we’re Florida’s No. 1 solar company.

, Solar Carport Installers
, Solar Carport Installers
, Solar Carport Installers

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