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Empowering Florida Communities Through Solar Energy

SEM Power and FPL Solar Now Are Committed to Promoting Clean Solar Energy in Florida.

SEM Power is proud to partner with Florida Power & Light as part of the SolarNow initiative. This innovative program is designed to make solar energy more accessible to local Florida communities.

The groundbreaking SolarNow program aims to facilitate access to renewable energy across Florida by building solar projects for local communities.

The FPL SolarNow program funds solar energy projects, such as solar trees and canopies, in public spaces like parks, schools, and museums. Florida homeowners already understand the long-term value of home PV systems. Now residents of the Sunshine State can enjoy the positive environmental impact of solar technology in communal areas. This enables Florida residents to collectively experience how modern solar energy technology can generate emissions free energy while improving the environment.

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How the FPL SolarNow Program Works

If you live in Florida, you may have heard of public or educational facilities participating in FPL SolarNow. The program has reached hundreds of locations across the state, including businesses, schools, and zoos.
Program participation is 100% voluntary. Members who choose to enroll in SolarNow pay as little as 30 cents a day, or $9 a month, added to their monthly electric bill. Signing up is easy, and members can cancel their participation at any time.

The funds that SolarNow generates enable the construction of public solar energy projects in communal facilities like schools, museums, and parks.
SEM Power is responsible for the installation of these solar structures. The renewable energy generated by public solar installations flows back to the grid and contributes to a more sustainable energy plan for the entire community.
In addition, FPL SolarNow contributors also enjoy access to exclusive member-only discounted or free special events.

What Are Solar Trees and Canopies?

Solar trees and canopies supply a double benefit to the local environment: They provide shade while generating clean, renewable energy that serves local communities. As a bonus, they help educate people about solar energy. Both solar trees and solar canopies have concrete foundations and sturdy metal grids to support the solar panels.

Solar Trees

SEM Power utilizes solar structures from Spotlight Solar in these solar power projects. Solar trees are renewable energy structures strategically placed in areas with abundant sunshine. These aesthetically pleasing solar systems combine art and convenience with clean energy generation. They are as durable as they are aesthetically pleasing—capable of handling wind speeds up to 175 miles per hour!

Solar trees come in two types:

  • Lift models, which are 24 feet tall and provide 200 square feet of shade
  • Curve models, which reach a height of 18 feet and provide 120 square feet of shade

Depending on the solar tree’s location, it can also provide seating or lighting—or serve as a charging station.

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Spotlight Solar ‘Lift’ solar tree structure
, FPL Solar Now
Spotlight Solar ‘Curve’ solar tree structure

Solar Canopies

Solar canopies are sizable solar installations that provide shade while generating renewable energy. On sunny days (Florida gets an annual average of 237 per year), a 40 kW solar canopy can power a small restaurant.

The Environmental Benefits of Public Solar Installations

Solar power is the cleanest, most environmentally friendly energy type. It is completely sustainable and renewable. It creates no pollution and depletes no natural resources. Solar energy installations release no harmful substances like CO2, nitrogen oxide, or heavy metals into the atmosphere.

Solar energy technologies are flexible and accessible, benefitting every community by reducing local greenhouse gas emissions. Solar installations in communal areas are one more important step toward a future of clean, renewable energy.

Check out some of our recent solar installation projects that SEM Power produced in partnership with FPL through SolarNow.

SEM Power is proud of setting up SolarNow installations across multiple locations in Florida. So far, our solar power community installations have generated clean energy equaling over 6,800 gallons of gas or over 5,300 pounds of methane. The positive environmental impact of our solar installations is comparable to planting over 1,500 trees!

Miami Bayfront Park Solar Canopy

SEM Power installs more than just rooftop solar panels. We install municipal solar projects with concrete foundations and metal canopies as well!
This 200 kW system sits front and center in downtown Miami, Florida.

Check out this amazing solar installation by SEM Power as part of the Super Bowl LIV sponsorship at Miami Bayfront Park.

Solar Panel Specs:

  • Power Specs:
  • 200 kW
, FPL Solar Now
, FPL Solar Now
, FPL Solar Now

Regatta Park Solar Canopies - Miami FL

SEM Power installed a trio of Lumos Solar SolarScape canopies in Miami, Florida.

The Lumos Solar canopies are made from durable, high flexibility polyvinyl chloride (PVC) The solar installation consists of three separate 4.3kW solar panel arrays. The luminescent solar paneling was applied using advanced techniques, giving a total installed power of 12.9kW.

Power Specs:

  • Three 4.3kW DC SolarScape 2.0 LS Structures
  • 12.9kW DC Total Output
, FPL Solar Now

Melrose Park Lumos Solar SolarScape Canopy - Miami FL

This SEM Power installed Lumos Solar SolarScape canopy provides much needed shade along with 10kW of power to local communities in Miami, Florida.

Power Specs:

  • One 10kW DC SolarScape 2.0 HS Structure
  • 10kW Total Output
, FPL Solar Now

SEM Power-Gulf-Power-Lumos Solar Switzer Canopy

Combining clean energy with style, shade, and security, this Lumos Solar canopy energizes 41kW of solar power back into the grid during the day, and provides lighted safety at night.

Power Specs:

  • Installations: Canopy VS
  • 41kW DC Total Output
  • Lighting – Axis Wet Beam 4 LED
, FPL Solar Now

SolarScape Canopy - Manatee Lagoon, Riviera Beach

This SEM Power installed Lumos Solar SolarScape canopy provides a functional, aesthetic compliment to the beautiful Manatee Lagoon environment in Riviera Beach.

See how much energy is produced in real-time.

Power Specs:

  • Installations: Solar Canopy
  • 21kW DC Total Output

Total Energy Generated Equals:

  • 1,557 Trees planted
  • 44,036 Gallons of water
  • 6,834 Gallons of gas
  • 5,355 Lbs. of methane

FPL EVolution™ Electric Vehicle Charging Stations

The shift to electric vehicles is happening fast and Florida residents are quickly following suit when it comes to adopting EVs. Florida is the fourth largest EV state with more than 300% growth since 2013.

FPL’s new project FPL EVolution aims at promotingEV usage while studying their impact on energy grids through innovative charging stations that can power up a vehicle anywhere between 10-20 minutes.

SEM Power is proud to support FPL’s Project EVolution by installing electric vehicle charging stations throughout Florida.

Locate a Charger Near You:

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