The future will be battery powered. Just wait and see. You heard it here first. With that being said, why not let us be the experts who prepare you for the inevitable. At SEM Power, we are the professionals who will make sure you are prepared when it comes to a solar battery system. We also specialize in solar battery storage.


We Are Powering Up The Future

SEM Power is leading the charge when it comes to harnessing the power of battery technology, and we have made significant investments already.


We are building one of Australia’s largest virtual power plants with 1,000 residential batteries, and operating the country’s first certified indoor battery connected to the energy grid.

And that’s just the beginning. We’re working on new ways to help more Australians access battery technology or unlock greater savings with their batteries if they’ve already made the jump. New offers and trials are coming, so stay tuned.


It is time to be part of the change. Ultize stationary batteries to store energy on commercial and industrial sites. This is on the rise from about three megawatts in 2013 to 40 MW in 2016 and almost 70 MW in 2017. The main reason is that costs have fallen sharply.


Because of this, we believe the market for distributed battery installations in the United States is set to expand rapidly. Most likely as much as 50 percent a year. To date, such installations have primarily been deployed to manage “demand charges”. The monthly payment based on peak demand. Because the whole year’s payments are tied to the highest energy usage on just a few hours on a few days, there is a strong economic incentive to lower costs by smoothing out demand.


Trust Us With Solar Battery Storage

SEM Power has been offering the highest quality engineering, design, and installation of photovoltaic systems since 2009. We specialize in researching and implementing the latest in advanced energy technologies, including grid-tied solar photovoltaic systems, energy storage solutions, and off-grid power systems. Our commercial portfolio includes some of the largest photovoltaic plants designed and constructed in Florida and the Caribbean. Furthermore, SEM Power provides an industry-leading service and support team for the ongoing operations and maintenance of existing solar plants. Finally, as one of the leading residential EPC providers in Florida, we have earned our reputation for the highest quality.


Call Us Today About Our Solar Battery System

When it comes to picking a solar installation company, there are several factors to consider in order to receive the most cost and time efficient solar experience. SEM Power is a top Florida solar installer and features the best solar battery system. Call SEM Power today for your solar installation needs! We are specialized in solar battery storage.