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More Floridians are installing solar than ever before, as the benefits and incentives are increasing. Solar panel prices and solar installation costs are at an all-time low, making solar a smart investment for homeowners. Installing solar panels will not only significantly lower electricity bills; it will also increase the resale value of your home, while reducing your dependence on your local utility. In fact, a recent study by Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory discovered that potential home buyers were willing to pay a $15,000 premium for homes with a solar energy system installed.

SEM Power installs the best solar energy systems for your home; guiding you through a comprehensive design consultation to help you understand the entire design and installation process. We detail the long-lasting financial benefits your new solar system will provide. After your solar system is installed, SEM can monitor and service your new solar system ensuring a maximized return on investment.

, Florida Home Solar Panels

While living in Florida is a tropical paradise most of the year, we must remain aware and prepared to deal with power outages that are possible with inclement weather including hurricanes. SEM Power has partnered with TESLA to provide a battery storage solution to store excess solar energy, keeping you and your family safe in the event of power loss.

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Save Money On Your Utility Bills With a Trusted Florida Solar Company

Solar energy is the best way for homeowners in Florida to save on their electric bills. And if you choose one of the top solar companies like SEM Power, you’ll be well-positioned to save money by having us install solar panels on your Florida home. We are experts in maximizing energy efficiency for your solar panel system through solar panel monitoring. that has proven experience in reducing solar panels cost with solar financing solutions. Save on your electricity costs with home solar panel installation with SEM Power.

How many solar panels do I need to power my house?

Here’s what you’ll need to estimate your number of solar panels:

  1. Your average energy usage per month
  • The average Florida home uses about 1,110 kilowatt hours (kWh) in electricity per month. The average price per kWh was $.117, so the average bill was $130.51.
  • Your roof size and capacity to support solar panel racking equipment
  • The energy efficiency of the solar panels and solar equipment
  • The solar panel size
  • The average solar panel cost in the system
  • Your best bet is to consult an experienced solar installer who can give you a free solar installation quote.

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    How long does it take to install solar panels on my home?

    Rooftop solar system installation usually takes between2-3 weeks, depending upon system complexity. The time for solar panel installations could potentially take longer due primarily to solar permits or utility company inspections. But don’t worry! SEM Power handles all the permitting details needed in order to install solar panels as efficiently as possible.

    Do solar panels really save money?

    Yes, residential solar panels are very energy efficient . Rooftop solar panels can save thousands of dollars in the long term. In Florida, you can expect an average payback period of about 10 years. Afterwards the panels will supply you with 100% electric for a full 20-30 years of service! Solar electricity savings can equal the net cost of electricity due to compounding energy prices. Over time, your energy costs will rise. A solar panel provides a means of protection in the face of the increasing electrical prices and costs of power.

    , Florida Home Solar Panels
    , Florida Home Solar Panels

    Solar Incentives, Tax Credits, & Financing

    Federal Investment Tax Credit

    The most widely recognized solar incentives include a federal solar tax credit or investment tax credit (ITC). With the recent passage of the Inflation Reduction Act by Congress, solar energy is set to be a major player in future electricity supply. The bill includes $370 billion spending on renewable technologies and climate measures over 10 years with an extension of the Solar ITC at 30% for installed photovoltaic (PV) systems. The credit will step down to 26% in 2033 and 22% in 2034.

    The 30% credit also applies to energy storage. The credit only applies to battery storage products if they are charged with renewable energy. They can be installed at the time solar is installed, or afterwards on a home that has solar to be eligible.

    Solar Financing Solutions

    Solar and Battery Energy storage financing solutions exist for every budget and organization type. No matter the size of your project, SEM Power has you covered with our extensive solar financing solutions and lending partners:

    Our Residential Solar Financing Partners

    , Florida Home Solar Panels
    , Florida Home Solar Panels

    We’re Dedicated To Our Florida Solar Customers

    When looking for a solar company you can trust, you want to hear real testimonials from past clients. At SEM Power, we don’t rest until our clients are satisfied, and it shows in our feedback. From start to finish, we stay diligent because we know it’s in our client’s best interest.

    We’ll keep constant communication with you to ensure your needs are being met. We’re not here to simply sell you a solar system and then leave. We genuinely want to see you succeed with your new system and will ensure you are given the proper resources to do so.

    What is Net Metering?

    Certain utility companies in Florida, including Florida Power & Light, Tampa Electric Company, Gulf Power, and Duke Energy, participate in net metering programs. These programs distribute credits to homeowners on their electric bill for surplus electricity they provide back to the grid through their solar energy system.This credit or rebate corresponds to the amount of electricity that they have sent back into the grid over a period of time.

    This credit offsets any of the customer’s energy usage, and it can reduce or eliminate them from paying any conventional electricity bill at all. These programs are usually available without a deposit or upfront charges, and can reduce or potentially eliminate your electricity bill.

    , Florida Home Solar Panels
    , Florida Home Solar Panels

    Florida Local Solar Incentives and Rebates

    In some states, when you install a solar system the value of your property assessment rises and therefore, the amount you pay in property taxes goes up as well. NOT IN FLORIDA! There are key solar incentives in Florida that you should know in order to maximize your investment.

    Property Tax Exemption

    In Florida a 100% property tax exemption is provided for residential renewable energy property as well as an 80% property tax abatement for non-residential property.

    This means that when you purchase and install a solar or Battery storage system at your home, your property assessment will not change, and you will not be paying any additional taxes.

    ➡️  Access the complete list of state solar incentives for Florida here.

    Solar and CHP Sales Tax Exemption:

    The second state incentive for solar consumers in Florida is an exemption from paying use and sales tax on their solar panel systems.
    The state’s 6% sales tax rate would not be added to your new Solar or Battery system cost.

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