Horizontal directional drilling has been the go-to method for laying conduits underground and in places that are impossible for many years now. With directional drilling, it is now possible to install sewage pipes, oil pipes, gas lines, water pipes, or communication lines under rivers, creeks, buildings, and roads. Since directional drilling was first introduced in the early ‘90s, directional drilling contractors have continued to improve the technology and apply it to more areas than oil and gas drillings. Read on to learn more about directional drilling companies and how to choose a reputable contractor for your needs. SEM Power, based in Tampa, is one of the top solar energy companies Florida residents trust. Call SEM Power today for your solar energy needs!


Seeking DD Services?


HDD is utilized by directional drilling contractors in three  main phases in order to achieve maximum utility for a given project. To begin with, the initial hole  is drilled along a marked path that the pipeline is supposed to take. The undergroundhole runs horizontally through the path from the beginning point of the pipeline, all the way up to the endpoint. After this has been accomplished, the second phase of drilling is to enlarge the diameter of the hole, in order for the pipelines to be installed smoothly. The pipeline is placed into the hole and then pulled from both ends. One of the best parts of horizontal directional drilling is that it does not cause inconveniences to third or second parties. HDD is almost silent since the boring happens underground, and it does not leave excess dirt on the ground as the soil stays underground, which means that other activities like traffic flow on a road can go on while drilling is being done underneath. Directional boring contractors like SEM Power have not only made trenchless drilling for pipe installation fast and easy, but also convenient and eco-friendly! Finding underground drilling services is fairly simple and quick. Choosing the most suitable directional drilling contractor for your scope of work can be the tricky part. 


What To Look For In Directional Drilling Companies


Here are some tips on what to look for from one of the top solar companies Florida residents trust:

  • Check the location of the contractor- If you are looking for a Florida project, you will need a Florida contractor for your needs, as they will know the area the best and be able to optimize the project. 
  • Look at how many  years of experience they have in the field and doing similar projects as the one that you have in mind- SEM Power has been around the community for many years, just check out all of our completed projects and satisfied clients!
  • Check and read online reviews and ask for recommendations- just check out SEM Power’s review page, we have had plenty of satisfied customers through the years!


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SEM Power is known as one of the best solar energy companies Florida residents trust. If you are looking for directional drilling companies, call SEM Power at their Tampa office today to find out more!


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