Top 10 Advantages of Commercial Solar Carports

What is a solar carport?

Solar carports are parking structures with solar panels covering them. The structure is mounted into the ground and the canopy is covered with integrated adjustable solar panels to shelter and protect cars from UV rays. As with all solar panels, solar carports help to create a source of energy without having to rely on fossil fuels. This is a win for the environment, your budget, and your customers and employees.

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, Top 10 Advantanges of Commercial Solar Carports

Maximize Available Space


Parking spaces can take up a lot of space and in some instances provide little to be viewed as a worthwhile use of space, even when cars are on the lot. Many businesses have parking spaces that are rarely used, intensifying the lack of productive use of space. Commercial solar carports optimize limited real estate by transforming dull, useless spaces into works of art that are beautiful to behold, and creating energy-generation machines, all while helping to sustain the environment. This makes more valuable use of the space and maximizes its worth.

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, Top 10 Advantanges of Commercial Solar Carports

Easy Installation

Due to the fact that these types of solar panels can be mounted higher off the ground, they are easy to configure in any parking lot. Whereas other equipment may need a lot of foresight when preparing a commercial property, solar carports can work in all types of spaces. This makes the process relatively easy and straightforward. It also allows for an efficient use of space while not getting in the way of anything!

Shade Protection for Building Tenants

Workers and customers can rest assured that whether they leave their car for a few hours or all day, their vehicle will be welcoming when they return to it, even in the summer heat. This is especially important in extreme heat circumstances when a vehicle is scorching hot when you enter it. Commercial solar carports protect vehicles from the extreme sun, thus making it easy for your workers and customers to return.

Cost Reduction Through Federal Incentives

The U.S. Department of Energy promotes efforts to improve the environment and invests in innovative research efforts that help to integrate more solar energy into the world. Homeowners and businesses can even get incentives for improving their energy sources through solar energy. Commercial solar panel installation is included with that incentive package. A business can claim a solar investment tax credit on their income tax for a percentage of the cost of the system. That means you get assistance with some of the installation costs.


Environmental Benefits

Commercial solar carports are not only beneficial in extreme heat conditions, but in harsh weather, like rain, hail, or those pesky summer lightning storms! A solar carport can allow for individuals to go about business as usual without having to stay inside during more extreme conditions!

Improve Commercial Real Estate Appearance

Commercial solar carports also help the exterior aesthetics of your building. The broad canopies of the solar carport complement the existing look of your property, enhancing the overall appearance. In some cases, business owners can customize the canopy design so that it matches the building structure.

, Top 10 Advantanges of Commercial Solar Carports

Positive Environmental PR for your Company

Many people love doing whatever they can to protect the environment. With more people focused on giving to efforts that support sustainability, it makes sense that they would support a business that also does that. This is definitely a good time to be environmentally friendly, and when people know that, you’ll get their support. Commercial solar panels are a great way to be eco-friendly and support the environment. Your employees and customers will appreciate this. Some people will prefer your services over your competition just because of that.

, Top 10 Advantanges of Commercial Solar Carports

Additional energy-saving accessories

EV Charging outlets
One of the great things about commercial solar carports is that with electric cars becoming more available and gracing the highways, they are the optimum solution for their energy source. EV-charging solutions can be integrated with solar carports. This gives your customers and employees even more reason to frequent your business. 


Safer Installation

Commercial solar carports are easier to manipulate and install than traditional rooftop solar panels. It’s easier to work with the needs of a parking lot than to reconfigure a rooftop. You can also manipulate the panels for the optimal direction of the sun to impact more power for more savings.


Questions About Commercial Solar Carports

Can solar panels be used as a carport?

Yes, commercial solar panels can be used as a carport for vehicles. Commercial solar carports protect vehicles from the extreme sun and harsh winter weather, thus making it easy for people to use their vehicles.

How tall are solar carports?

Not all commercial solar carports will be sized the same. The size is a good balance between the cost to install, the space that’s available in the lot, and how much electricity you’re able to generate. The clearance should support vehicles that will be under the structure. If large trucks and delivery vehicles will be using the structure, the height should be at least 14 feet. If not, a lower height can be considered.

How much is a solar carport?

Commercial solar carport cost is dependent on many factors, like the cost to install, space that’s available in the lot, and how much electricity you’re able to generate, so costs will vary per parking lot. However, most 5kWh solar carports generally run anywhere from $60,000 to 75,000.

How much is a solar canopy?

The average cost of a commercial solar canopy is $12 to $15 per watt.

SEM Power—We are Florida’s Commercial  Solar Panel Installation Experts

Commercial solar canopy – Ravenswood Bus Maintenance Facility electric bus charging station
Fort Lauderdale, FL

In partnership with Lumos Solar

SEM Power partnered with Lumos Solar help Broward County achieve its sustainability goals by providing them with a state-of the art electric bus charging station located at the Ravenswood Bus Maintenance Facility.

The innovative solar canopy not only saves money on energy costs, but also creates jobs and opportunity for those who might otherwise lack access in our communities. The solar canopy is used to help offset the charging costs of the EV Public buses in Broward County!

Lumos Solar Canopy Structure

Total Output : 55.80 kw

Modules : 186 – Lumos 300w modules

Inverter : 1 – SMA Solar Core1 50k inverter

, Top 10 Advantanges of Commercial Solar Carports
, Top 10 Advantanges of Commercial Solar Carports

Finemark Bank – Fort Myers Florida

One of the best examples of our commercial solar carport installations is in Fort Myers, Florida, at the FineMark Bank. We installed a SolarScapes LSX Module carport with solar panels that provide shade and protection for bank customers and greater sustainability and financial benefits for the bank owners.

Solar Panel Specs:

, Top 10 Advantanges of Commercial Solar Carports

Why install commercial  solar carports with SEM Power?

  • We don’t subcontract our work
    We carefully select our people and believe in what we do so that we do not have to outsource our labor.


  • We’re Licensed Engineering, Procurement, and Commercial Construction Experts
    We have experience and capabilities to handle all processes, permits, equipment, installation. If you are familiar with the process then you know the standard process leaves a lot of pressure on the customer. We take this away and make sure the process is as easy as possible for you!


  • We know Florida solar
    We install solar energy systems throughout Florida, We have done a lot of work that we are proud of. Some of these projects include:

We offer free solar installation quotes
Because we know that you will be satisfied with the job if you choose us, we want to make the first step as easy as possible. That is why we offer free installation quotes. We will come to the site, take a look, and give you an idea of how much your project will cost.


Clearly, there are a lot of advantages to investing in a commercial carport. If this is a route that interests you, we would love to talk with you today about what we can do for you!


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