Solar technology is not what it once was. Today’s residential and light commercial solar power generation systems have the capacity to produce more power in less time. The sharp increase in power production has made power storage a necessity for those living in the Sunshine State. State of the art Tesla Wall Battery, the Tesla Powerwall, is a new wall battery system that is completely changing the way that solar energy storage is accomplished in Florida homes and small businesses. These batteries are specially engineered to accommodate the current and future demands of the rapidly-growing solar power infrastructure. Here at SEM Power, one of the leading solar companies in Florida, we can help you get the most out of your renewable energy system!


How Can the Tesla Powerwall Help You to Store Excess Energy? 

Tesla is known for its innovative approach to smart, clean energy. Tesla’s top engineers designed the Powerwall to enhance your existing solar energy system! The Powerwall is a wall-mounted solar battery that stores excess energy generated during the day for future use! During the day, when energy production is at its peak, solar panels are often generating more electricity than they need. Excess energy is usually sold back to the energy company, leaving customers to pay for energy used when solar panels are not producing. However, the Powerwall allows you to store excess energy generated by your solar panel system for later use. In many cases, the Powerwall will even eliminate the need to sell solar power back to the energy company. That excess energy is stored until it’s needed! 


So, What’s So Great About The Tesla Wall Battery? 

With the Tesla Powerwall, you will have access to your excess energy during the night when your solar panels are no longer producing. It can be used as a single source of power for your entire home. The Powerwall will help to drive down energy costs even after the sun has set. Plus, excess energy stored in the Powerwall can be used when the utility grid is offline. During a power outage, the Tesla Powerwall will disconnect from the utility grid and restore power to your home or small business leading to virtually uninterrupted access to all lights and appliances.


The Tesla Powerwall Is More Than Just A Battery

The Tesla Powerwall is not just a battery! The Powerwall system includes Tesla Gateway, a power management app that monitors energy consumption, learns energy usage patterns in order to adapt to your energy use, and manages the Powerwall system. As one of the top solar companies in Florida we’ve done all the necessary research on this product in order to provide you the information that you need to know. 

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What’s the best part about the Tesla Powerwall? SEM Power has a Tesla Wall Battery for you! SEM Power is one of the leading solar companies in Florida and can procure and install your Tesla Battery for you! Our expert team will and ensure that you are getting the most out of your clean, renewable energy system. To learn more about the Tesla Powerwall and to obtain a quote, please contact us today!

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