Our command of solar technology has never been better. In the past, many families deemed the cost of a solar battery system to outweigh the benefits. Well today, the costs have gone down, and the benefits increased! This is especially true with the introduction of the revolution that is the Tesla Powerwall! This Tesla home battery will help you save money, save fossil fuels, and potentially even get you off the power grid— completely. With the abundance of Florida sunshine, SEM Power has helped families throughout the state do just this with our residential solar services. Learn why the Tesla Powerwall is just the tool you need to take control of your power usage!

Everything You Need to Know About the Tesla Powerwall

But what is the Tesla Powerwall? In short, it is a battery. A regular solar power system has two key parts: the panels, and the inverter (converting solar energy to electricity usable for your home). Normally, if your panels convert an excess amount of solar energy, there is nowhere to put it, so it is sent back to the main power grid of the power company. Aka, you don’t get to use all of the energy converted by your solar system. Doesn’t quite seem fair does it? This is exactly the problem that the Tesla Powerwall solves (along with so much more). Now you can store plenty of excess energy in your solar battery system— enough to power the entire house during and outside of daylight hours. You can also save power for emergencies, such as power outages. As long as you’ve got the sun, you’ve got the power.

Aside from flexibility with your power usage, there are a number of other benefits to the Powerwall. For one, instead of relying on traditional, fossil fuel-powered energy, your home is operating simply on the energy collected from your panels. In fact, some families are able to save enough power in their Powerwall batteries that they are able to get off the main grid completely, only using solar! Naturally, this means that you’ll be saving on those highly monthly power bills. That’s why investing in both a solar system and its battery pays off pretty quickly.

Get Your Tesla Home Battery Installed By Us!

Perhaps best of all, there’s no need to scour the internet, searching for a company able to install the Powerwall for you— SEM Power has this capability. We’ve been in the business for over a decade and have watched how the solar industry is constantly evolving for the better and learned to keep up.  Our expertise allows us to handle any job, of any complexity. So get your solar battery system installed by us!

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SEM Power installs high-grade solar power systems for both residential and commercial clients throughout the state of Florida.  Our expertise has allowed us to see the growth of the solar power industry and just how it can revolutionize the future. That’s why we’re proud to carry such an equally revolutionary product as the Tesla Powerwall. Give us a call to set up your Tesla home battery now!

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