Solar is a huge trend right now, and you may be considering going the solar route. But you don’t know a whole lot about what it all entails, how much it’s going to cost versus how much it can save you, and what the full list of benefits are. So, what are the most common questions that we get from businesses when they’re thinking about exploring the benefits of solar? Read on to learn more about some top questions businesses ask when exploring the benefits of solar. SEM Power is one of the top solar energy companies Florida business owners trust. If you’re looking for commercial solar companies, call SEM Power at our Tampa headquarters today!


Common Questions Commercial Solar Companies Receive


Here are some of the most common questions that SEM Power receives from businesses who are interested in solar energy:

  • Why should I invest time or money on solar right now?- A SunPower study highlights three leading reasons organizations choose to invest in a solar strategy right now. If your business strategy aligns with any or all of these reasons, then you probably are a good candidate for exploring solar energy:
    • Financial benefits
    • Positive environmental impact
    • Brand elevation
  • How would solar improve my bottom line?- The vast majority of companies focus on the financial benefits of solar. Even though solar isn’t always the correct option for everybody, a lot of companies are able to increase their bottom line significantly- mostly when it comes to utility bills. The bottom line can be improved through solar by:
    • Paying a lower price for electricity by entering into a power purchase agreement (PPA)
    • Creating free electricity through leasing or purchasing a solar system
    • Cutting down utility demand charges by also integrating an effective energy storage solution


Answers From Solar Energy Companies Florida Businesses Trust


  • Why now? Should I wait for prices to drop or for technology to get better?- There are several reasons why going solar sooner, rather than later, may be the right choice for your company:
    • An increased bottom line frees up money to invest in other strategic areas of your business, which could help our sales and/or profitability
    • More and more consumers are starting to gravitate towards green businesses. There is a lot of research out there pointing towards the fact that consumers conscientiously choose forward-thinking companies that demonstrate environmental sustainability and corporate social responsibility. Basically, you’ll get a competitive edge over companies that don’t follow a triple bottom line framework or implement a green strategy.
  • If solar is so awesome, why isn’t it more common?- A lot of well-known companies have gone solar, in fact. The cost of solar makes it an increasingly viable money-saving solution thanks to better technology. When you consult with an independent energy consultant or a reputable solar provider, you can get the insight and expert advice to help guide you down the right path for your business.


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Hopefully you’ve had your questions about working with commercial solar companies answered above. To find out more from one of the top solar energy companies Florida business owners trust, call SEM Power at our Tampa headquarters today!

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