If you are considering putting in more panels to your solar PV system, there are certain things that you should be aware of. When you first installed solar, you’ve already decreased (or even totally cut out) your electricity bill. However, you may want to add more solar panels to your existing system; your solar panel system may have started out undersized, or you may have increased your electricity usage since installation due to new additions to your house, new appliances, or adding an electric vehicle (EV) purchase. It’s important to keep in mind that the process for adding additional panels into your existing system is not the same as when you were originally shopping for a solar panel system. When you are investigating your options, you will need to take a few key factors into consideration. SEM Power Is one of the top solar panel companies in Florida. Call SEM Power at our Tampa office today for your solar needs!


Factors When Adding New Solar Panels To An Existing System


There are certain factors to consider when adding new solar panels to your existing system:

  • Energy needs- The first question that you need to address is how many additional solar panels you will need, as this will directly impact both your system design and the cost for the add-on project. The amount of panels you will have to add onto your system depends on many factors; your electricity bill post-solar, where you live, the equipment, and your system design. If you have your electric bill information since going solar and can provide it to your installer, they should be able to figure out how many additional panels you will need with your unique situation. 
  • Space for new panels- Do you have adequate space to install additional solar panels? If you have a rooftop system with constrained space, then the answer may be no. Ground mount systems may be easier to addonto, since property owners with  ground mounts usually have plenty of sunny land open for installation. If you’ve run out of roof space to install additional panels, you shouldn’t just give up- you can always think about installing supplemental solar arrays on other structures on your property, such as carports, sheds, or gazebos.


Factors To Consider When Upgrading Your Solar PV System 

  • Solar panel upgrade and compatibility- You need to think about what panels were used in your original installation, and if any components need an upgrade. Your solar panels will continue to generate electricity for many years, but you should still ask your installer to do a run-through of the racking and wiring. SEM Power, one of the top solar panel companies in Florida, notes that when adding new panels, you should try and install the same type as your original array if possible. This will not only make sure everything matches aesthetically, but also has the same power outputs and efficiencies as your other panels.
  • Inverter replacement- Depending on how much more new capacity you add into your system, the question may rest on if your inverter is large enough for the additional panels. Since the direct current (DC) electricity being produced by your panels is being converted to alternating current (AC) at the inverter, the power rating of that inverter can be a bit smaller than the panels due to the energy loss that occurs throughout the conversion process. 


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When you are upgrading your solar PV system, there are certain things you need to keep in mind. SEM Power is one of the top solar panels in Florida. Call SEM Power at our Tampa office today for your solar installation needs!


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