Solar panels are used to absorb and collect sunlight and convert it into a renewable energy source. The photons from the sun are capable of being used to power electrical loads. Capturing the sun’s energy to provide electricity for your home and businesses is such an efficient way to utilize the earth’s resources. Photons can generate so much solar power energy that we can fuel millions of homes with. With solar technology, we are about to harness the energy from the sun and generate the electricity we need to stay warm and utilize our many electronics. Solar technology continues to improve which is making it easier for us to develop the most efficient solar panels at an affordable price. It’s also true that solar panels can be used in the summer and winter months. Many people believe that solar panels can only be utilized in the warm sunny months, but actually, the exact opposite is true. In the cold winter months, solar panels are the most efficient. As it warms up solar panels produce less electricity due to it producing lower voltage levels. In the winter solar panels are more efficient and can produce electricity in the same amount of time. It is also true that in the warm month’s solar panels can produce more electricity in the summer but it also can depend on where you live. Some states get more or less sun the temperatures throughout the years are completely different. Solar panels are even able to generate electricity on cloudy days. Regardless of where you live you can definitely benefit from investing in a solar panel for your household or business. On cloudy cold days in Boston, Massachusetts you can manage to produce electricity with a solar panel because solar technology has improved so much. SEM Power has been installing solar panels in the Florida area since 2003 and has no plans of stopping now!

About Solar PV Systems


4 Main Components of a Solar PV System

  • Inverter- inverters are required to change the direct current energy into alternate current energy which is needed for your panels to have usable alternate current energy.
  • Racking and Mounting- The racking and mounting system of a solar panel help position it at the best angle for you to generate energy from the sunlight.
  • Performance Monitoring system- these are used to give you information on how your solar panel is performing. Performance monitoring systems can tell you have efficient your solar panel is and if it’s generating a lot of electricity at that angle. These are needed in order to fix issues you may have with your solar panel. 
  • Solar panels- Solar panels are one of the main components of the Solar PV System. PV models are typically called Solar panels which are silicon slices that provide electricity through sunlight. With a solar panel, you can power all the electrical devices in your home.

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SEM Power which is located in Tampa Bay Florida understands how vital solar energy is to the environment and The solar panels we install are manufactured by reputable companies, meaning you receive more durable and effective panels. We also offer a variety of financing options to speed up your solar process and make sure we have affordable prices for everyone. 


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