Converting your home to a solar battery system seems like a necessary step to keep up with modern energy conservation. In many cases, a solar power system for home can be a great addition, but there are a handful of factors to consider and keep in mind when making this decision. We at SEM Power in Florida have lots of experience with solar energy and can help you understand what to expect while investigating it.


Pros and Cons of a Solar Battery System

Solar energy is all about using the rays from the sun as an energy source. This is a theoretically limitless amount of power we can harness, and this energy will last until the day our sun dies. This makes it a great option right? In many ways, it is, but there are some important things to remember. Let’s go over them:


  • It’s cost-efficient
    • Solar energy is cost-efficient in the long term. The added source of natural energy means you’ll be spending less on other forms of energy. Some companies may even pay you per month if you are using panels to conserve a certain amount of energy.
  • It’s a renewable energy source
    • Renewable energy is great for the environment because you aren’t producing waste to generate energy. The only pollution involved with solar energy is in the initial production of the parts, but once you have the parts, all the energy you receive from the sun will result in no unnecessary waste.
  • It increases the value of your home
    • It’s been shown that solar panels can increase your home’s market value, especially since they’re still somewhat rare to find.
  • It’s a quiet source of energy
    • Many forms of energy production can be noisy. Solar panels don’t feature those noisy, mechanical parts that can create a loud din in certain parts of your home.
  • It’s accessible
    • In rural areas, or even remote locations elsewhere in the world, getting access to energy and clean water can be difficult. Solar panels are far more accessible around the world and can do a lot of good for keeping your home powered.


  • It’s expensive to install
    • While solar power can save you a lot of money in the long run, the initial installation can take quite a bite out of your bank account.
  • Energy is dependant on weather
    • It’s certainly possible to store solar energy during sunny days, but your production will be low–if not nothing–during bad weather. Here in Florida, storms can be frequent, but don’t last too long, so energy production isn’t likely to suffer noticeably.
  • Panels use up a lot of space
    • The more energy your home needs, the more panels you need. Solar panels can take up a pretty large surface area. Roofs are typically used to cover all your energy needs, but in some cases, that may not be enough and you’d need to look into other places to install panels.
  • Local pollution can affect your energy productivity
    • Similar to dark clouds and bad weather, air pollution can also negatively impact your solar energy production. This can make solar panels less efficient in urban areas or suburban areas close to cities.
  • Storing energy can be expensive
    • While not necessary, solar energy can be stored with specially designed batteries for such a purpose. This can optimize your energy usage and provide you with extra energy at night or during spells of bad weather. That being said, these can also be expensive, so it may be best to save up after the initial panel installation to gain more storage.


Consider A Solar Power System for Home

Upgrading to solar battery system is a choice with many lasting benefits. While there are some downsides, there are downsides to any modern investment, and there’s good reason to believe the good will outweigh the bad for most people. If you’re interested in taking the first stems to installing a solar power system for home, then contact us at SEM Power. For homes across Florida, we can help to make your transition to solar power as easy and helpful as possible.

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