Good news for Tampa, Florida residents: Duke Energy Florida is adding new solar power plant locations to help boost solar over the next four years. Solar energy companies in Tampa are pushing to create a more energy efficient state. SEM Power knows how important solar panel installation is for both residential and commercial buildings, and can help you achieve better environmental and economic efficiencies in your home. 


Tampa Solar Energy Companies

Duke Energy Florida (DEF) is striving for a three million solar panel push, helping bring Florida solar benefits far and wide. DEF currently has over 90 MW of solar generation either under construction or operating, and intends to more than quadruple this amount of solar running on its system over the next four years. Duke Energy Florida understands what their customers want, and it’s access to clean energy at a competitive price. With this understanding, DEF has added two new locations for upcoming solar power, with the plants being in Hardee and Citrus counties. In Hardee, this will consist of utilizing the Fort Green Power Plant, which will spread over 500 acres and provides an additional 74.9 MW to the grid, with the approximately 265,000 new solar panels going in. Citrus county’s solar plant, the Bay Trail, will consist of fewer solar panels, around 197,000 in total, while still providing an additional 74.9 MW of energy to the grid across 500 acres. 


Solar Power Plants

These plants will be able to provide environmentally friendly, cost-effective, and innovative solar that benefits all of Florida. And besides all the typical benefits of solar energy, one of the best factors going into these power plants is the repurposing and use of prior mining sites for the solar plants. These mining sites can be developed for renewable energy instead, benefiting both the communities and the environment of Florida, all while preserving the area’s land and not developing further. Both of the plants described above will be making use of old mining territory. The Fort Green plant is moving over a former phosphate mine, and Bay Trail will be set up at the site of a future mining operation. Fort Green will utilize a fixed-tilt racking system to produce carbon-free energy, capable of powering more than 20,000 typical homes at peak production. Bay Trail will use bifacial solar panels, which are double-sided panel designs capable of tracking the sun and providing better efficiency in the production process. With these panels, Bay Trail will be capable of powering approximately 23,000 average homes during peak production.  


What This Means For Florida

Relying less on fossil fuels will help protect Florida’s lands and protect the natural wildlife from habitat loss with more power plants being built. Solar panels require much less land use and with utilizing prior mining territories, the land is kept pristine. If you already have solar panels on your home, you know the many environmental and economic benefits of solar energy. Taking those benefits from just your home and transforming it into state-wide solar energy makes a huge impact on how clean energy can help power Florida for years and years to come. 


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Are you interested in learning more about residential solar panels and the future of solar power plants? SEM Power is committed to helping the Tampa area achieve less fossil fuel dependence through our expert and efficient solar panel installation services. Solar energy companies in Tampa are on the rise, and stay in the know! Call us today! 


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