Solar power for home is an increasingly popular solution for going green and saving on your power bills, especially here in sunny Florida. If you’re interested in having your own solar panels installed to reap the benefits of solar power, there are certain things you’ll want to know going into it and questions you should be asking the solar panel company you choose. We at SEM Power are one of the best solar panel companies in Florida with years of experience installing solar panels for our customers, so you can trust that we know what we’re talking about.


Going Solar is a Commitment

Installing solar panels isn’t as simple as getting a new TV. Installing solar panels is not only an investment, but will also impact the way you handle power in your home. There are many benefits to be had for going solar, but there are still things you will want to ask before making the commitment.


Answering Questions About Solar Power for Home

  • How does the solar power system work?
    • Knowing about the energy systems you install is an important step. Simply put, solar panels are made to turn solar cells into direct current electricity. Along with the panels, an inverter is also installed which turns the direct current and alternating current, which is what we need to power our homes.
  • How durable are the panels?
    • Solar panels can have different life expectancies depending on the quality. On the low side, you may expect them to last about 14 years. On the high-quality end, you could see your panels lasting for up to 50 years.
  • How expensive is the installation?
    • The cost of the installation will depend on a number of factors: the quality of the panels, labor costs, permits, etc. The cost of the panels can range between $15,000-$30,000 depending, so you’ll want to ask the company you hire for a more specific price tag. The initial investment is an investment for sure.
  • Can I install panels myself?
    • A DIY process is possible, though it’s advised that you seek the help of professionals unless you have experience laying solar panels yourself. It can be easy to damage your roof if you aren’t careful, and panel placement is very important for maximizing the space needed to lay your panels, and that they receive the maximum amount of sunlight possible.
  • How long does it take to install the system?
    • There are several factors that can contribute to the time it will take to finish the installation, but it will very likely be a several-hour process. It will also likely all happen in one day, and you also won’t need to change the wiring of your home.
  • Do I have to have backup storage?
    • Getting backup storage is another cost you’ll be investing in, but doing so will give you more constant access to solar power, as your panels will store excess energy for use at night or during bad weather.
  • How long before I start to save money?
    • Once installed, solar panels will start to generate power immediately. This means you could start to see the impact very quickly. Consider comparing and contrasting your old and new bills, and calculating when your investment will be paid off.


About Us, One of the Best Solar Panel Companies in Florida

At SEM Power, we’ve been installing solar power systems for our customers since 2003. Solar power is a growing industry helping to keep our planet green and our power bills low, and we’re proud to be helping Florida homeowners make this jump toward an energy-efficient tomorrow. We’re one of the best and biggest solar panel companies in Florida.


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After hearing what we have to say, you now have a better understanding of the aspects that go into installing solar power for home as well as what kind of investment you’re making. If your interest has been piqued, you can contact us today to ask more questions, or even set up an installation date for solar panels of your own. If you live in Florida, let us at SEM Power take care of all your solar energy needs.

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