Are you thinking about installing solar panels in your home? Here at SEM Power, we help you estimate how many panels you will likely need. The location of your home and the amount of energy you use will determine the number of panels you need so that this number can vary greatly among homeowners. On average, houses usually have 28 to 34 panels, but these numbers truly depend on many factors. Homeowners like to know how many panels they will need for their house because they want to be prepared for the cost, how much energy they will receive from the panels, and any other concerns. That is why our team helps you estimate how many panels you will need for your home. We hope you learn a lot from the information we provide because we are the best in Florida!


Estimated Number Of Solar Panels

You might be wondering how to estimate the number of panels you will need. First, it is important to keep track of your hourly kilowatt usage within a year. Many companies will provide the number of kilowatts you used within twelve months so you can compare energy usage throughout the years. Calculating how many kilowatts you used will give you an idea of how many panels you will need for your home since you want to make sure that the number of panels covers your energy needs. We like to calculate these specific numbers by comparing places with a lot of sunlight to places that do not have a lot of sun exposure, such as Arizona and Maine. After calculating how much solar energy these two locations use, we divide 11,000 kilowatts by the figures representing how much solar energy is used, then divide the product by 250. This calculation will be the estimated number of panels you will likely need for your home. 


Tips From Us 

We want to make sure that your estimation is as accurate as possible. Here are some of our tips: 

  • People who receive many quotes will save over 10 percent, so make sure that you use a reliable network that offers free quotes from installers. 
  • Large companies do not offer affordable prices for the installation, so make sure you look into many options. 
  • Compare everything that you use that is not powered by solar energy to how much you will save with panels. Sometimes if you use more household products that are not using solar energy, the cost will not be as low as you might think. 


We Will Help You 

We pride ourselves on sticking with our customers throughout the entire solar energy process. Installing panels is a large commitment for your home and family, and we want to make sure that the job is done right. That is why we tell you all about how we calculate the number of panels you might need beforehand. 

Contact Us 

SEM Power are professionals who have years of experience with solar panels. We love that more homeowners are turning to solar energy, and we hope that you do too! Contact us today in Florida for more information.

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