If you live in sunny Florida, you’ve probably already seen the crazy crossing neighborhoods that is solar power. Many homeowners are investing in a solar battery system to help the planet and save on their power bills every month, but have you ever thought about how to protect your solar panels from local wildlife? As much as your investment helps keep the environment clean for the birds and squirrels, they don’t necessarily know that, nor do they understand how important those panels are. At SEM Power, we offer solar installation and solar panels for your home, and we recommend investing in critter guards to help your local wildlife know where not to go.


Why Get a Critter Guard?

Because solar panels are typically installed on your roof, they’re often left exposed particularly to birds and squirrels. Squirrels may seek shelter underneath your panels, and if they do, they may end up chewing through sensitive wiring and power lines. Birds on the other hand may nest under the panels, which can lead to the buildup of dirt and feces. These can, over time, lower the efficiency of your panels and potentially demand expensive repairs. A critter guard can prevent this, and solar bird netting can help keep birds away from your panels entirely. 


Another benefit of these is that the critter guard can also prevent accumulation of other natural debris like leaves and twigs. These will not only lower the power efficiency of the panels, but also can be a fire hazard. By investing in these protective methods, you can protect your solar panels, avoid potentially costly repairs, and avoid unnecessary risks from accumulated debris. These defenses are also harmless to the wildlife, so there’s no need to worry that any unfortunate critters may get caught or injured by them.


Consider Getting Solar Panels for Your Home

If you haven’t already, converting your home to a solar battery system is a fantastic investment. Not only does it reduce the usage of energy stemming from non-sustainable sources, which helps you do better for the environment, but it can also be a great way to save money long-term. Solar power systems provide for you a sustainable source of energy that powers your home without the need of general electricity. This means that after installing your panels, you’ll see your energy bills plummet immediately. Are you not sure whether or not you plan to stay in your home in the distant future? Well solar panels also greatly increase the value of your home.


Contact Us for A Solar Battery System

Are you ready to convert to solar energy? Do you already have solar panels but need to invest in a critter guard to protect your panels and keep the space clean? If either of these is true, we at SEM Power can help. We can not only provide solar panels for your home, but also help you set up your panels for protection and safety against the elements and wildlife. For help with either of these in Florida, contact us today.

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