While reaping the benefits of your solar energy has never been easier, it’s also important to make sure you’re keeping your solar panels in good condition throughout the year. Regular maintenance can help your panels run more smoothly and ensure the panels will last as long as possible. But do you know the proper techniques for solar panel maintenance? SEM Power in Tampa, Florida, is your one stop shop for all things solar energy!


Solar Panels In Florida

Living in the sunny state of Florida comes with many great benefits. With breathtaking landscapes, a night life, and easy access to the beach, no wonder it’s the one of the most sought-after locations for settling down. But weather can impact your home, and it can negatively impact your solar panels, depending on how severe the weather can get. Most high temperatures don’t affect your solar output, and hurricane conditions of rain and wind typically won’t cause any damage either. Always be sure to check your solar panels after any storm, though, as large debris could potentially crash into your panels during the storm. What can cause some cracks or breaks in your panels is hail, specifically any hail that’s over 1” in diameter and falling at least 54 mph. This may have the potential to damage your panels, so be sure to thoroughly inspect them after any storms to confirm they are up and running smoothly.


Solar Panel Maintenance

Depending on where your solar panels are located, regular maintenance can be a breeze. If you have ground panels, it will be much easier for you to be able to periodically inspect them for any damage or to sweep any debris off of them. Always check them after every storm, even if it didn’t seem all that intense. You never know how the weather is going to change, and there may have been more extreme weather than you realized. If you have roof panels, it may be a little more difficult reaching certain areas or inspecting them, especially if heights aren’t your thing. But most often, the time it takes to clean them off is not very significant, leaving you on the roof for a very short time frame overall.

At least quarterly, check on all the parts of your system to ensure they are operating as they should and there is no obvious damage to any of the parts. If there’s one leaf or a small amount of debris on your panels, don’t worry about going up onto the roof to clean that small amount off. If you can see your solar panels fairly easily from the ground, you can wait until there’s a significant amount of debris, like leaves, dirt, snow, and more, then you can climb up there and take care of the slight mess. This will help the energy output to stay regular and not be blocked by any debris on the panels themselves, giving you maximum efficiency. Most cleaning projects for your solar panel maintenance will involve a ladder if your panels are on the roof, a hose for spraying them down, or with a leaf or snow blower. You may already have most of these items already, so there’s no additional costs to regularly maintain your solar panels. With proper maintenance, they can last up to twenty years before replacement, giving you the best source of energy possible.


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