Have you ever thought about getting a solar panel installation service? Florida homeowners across the state are making the change to solar rooftops, and it’s easy to see why. There are several benefits for going solar, and the sunshine state is a great place for reaping those benefits. We at SEM Power are one of the many solar energy companies Florida homeowners have been trusting with their installations. If you have questions about if going solar is right for you, we would be happy to answer them.


Solar Installation Requirements

Solar panels aren’t super exclusive, but there are a few things you’ll want to confirm before you start contacting your local solar company. Here are the details:

  • Are you a single-family homeowner?
    • When it comes to personal installation of solar panels, it will have to be for a building you own. If you’re renting, you won’t be able to have the panels installed without permission of the building owner. For multi-family homes, even if you’re the building owner, you’ll want to check which solar companies in your area offer services for commercial or industrial projects, which is what your scenario will be considered.
  • Is your credit score about 650?
    • If you want to have solar panels installed, you’ll want to have a high credit score, for the same reasons you need a good score when buying or leasing a car. Consider using credit checking apps to ensure you’re qualified, otherwise you may require a cosigner.
  • Does your roof receive lots of sunlight?
    • While not technically required, it’s a good idea to make sure your roof gets lots of sunshine. Solar panels require it to produce power, and if you aren’t getting enough because of your location, there may not be enough power to make the process worthwhile. You might consider trimming or removing certain trees that block sunlight from your home, but this can be a large project.


Why Consider Solar Panel Installation?

When the topic of solar energy comes up, the first thing many of us think about is being environmentally friendly. This is true, as pulling energy from the sun means you aren’t using as much general electricity, which requires fuel to produce–fuel that is limited and also produces harmful gases that hurt our ozone. Sunlight, on the other hand, is a limitless resource that produces no harmful byproducts. Going green isn’t the only benefit, however, and there are a couple other things to consider.


Converting your home to solar energy is a fantastic way to save money long-term. Remember how we mentioned you move away from general electricity to utilize a free energy resource? This also means your power bills will go down every month. It’s a perk homeowners will notice immediately with their next bill cycle too. Not only this, but there are also tax incentives to go solar both with federal taxes and some state taxes, including Florida. It’s worth doing your research to learn what you could be eligible for.


Lastly, adding solar panels to your home means you’re increasing your property value. Doing this not only makes your home worth more in the event you need to sell it, but it also means you increase the cap of a potential equity loan. You may not need one right away, but the higher value means you can take on a larger scale project in the future, or have it as an option in case of an emergency.


Contact Us When Considering Solar Energy Companies Florida Homeowners Trust

Do you want to invest in solar panel installation? Now is the time to locate solar energy companies Florida residents rely on for solar installation in your area. If you live around Tampa, then SEM Power is your neighbor, and we want to be the ones that help you make the jump to solar power. For more information on our services or the benefits of going solar, contact us today.


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