As we watch our beautiful environment slowly deteriorate, going solar has never been more popular and necessary. Solar panels provide so many benefits for Florida homebuyers that choose to have them installed. Contrary to popular belief, they do much more than just save you money and save the environment — they can help you make money too! Of course, you’ll have to make the initial investment, but even that will be much less expensive than most people think. A professional solar panel installer can help you navigate the different factors to the solar panel cost and what to expect.


What Is the Average Cost of Solar Panels in Florida?


The cost of solar panels will depend on a variety of factors and will even vary by state. In Florida, an average solar panel system will cost anywhere from $10,000 to $15,000 for a 6kW system — after tax credits are applied. 


That number can increase above $20,000 for systems utilizing 10kW or higher, but can also decrease as low as $5,000 for a 2kW system. You’ll have several Florida incentives working in your favor to drive that cost as low as possible, like no sales tax. You also won’t have to worry about a rise in property taxes, despite solar panels adding to the value of your home.


What Factors Into the Solar Panel Cost?


If you want a more accurate cost, you’ll have to talk to your professional Florida installers and figure out what size you want and how many panels. They’ll also have to do a quick analysis of your property, roof, and how much energy you typically use daily. 


There will be plenty of factors that play into the cost. It will boil down to the kW size of the system and the cost per watt in your state. In Florida, the rate is around $2.72 per watt, which is actually one of the lowest in the nation. That means going solar is much cheaper in Florida compared to other states, making it a no-brainer for residents. 


Let’s look at the other factors that will play a role in the cost:


  1. Home Characteristics – your solar panels will only work if it comes into contact with a substantial amount of sunlight. Your roof, lay of the land, and nearby trees might force you to have additional work done before your Florida solar installers can do their job.
  2. Manufacturer – just like any other product, there will be solar panel systems that work more efficiently than others. Ensuring you are matched with a quality manufacturer at a reasonable price can help you save money.
  3. Permits & Labor – there will be a fee for getting your panels connected to the grid, as well as fees for the amount of labor being put into the installation.


Of course, having the right Florida solar installers on your side can make sure you are given the best price possible. They’ll be able to detail the different incentives involved and extra ways to save money when going solar. 


Are You Looking for Quality Florida Solar Installers?


As solar energy continues to become a staple in the state of Florida, more homebuyers are being urged to invest in the movement. Unlike most other investments you’ll make in your life, it’s one that will continue to give every single day!


If you’re interested in taking the next step towards going solar, we can help you figure out an accurate solar panel cost and help you turn your dream into a reality. We’ve been helping Florida homebuyers install quality solar panel systems since 2003 and can’t wait to help you join the movement too. Contact us today to get the process started!

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