Many people are now on the lookout for a switch to solar power. But if you’re ready for the move, you can’t simply justbuy solar panels for your roof, unless you’re an experienced electrician or handyman. One of the parts of the move to solar is choosing the right solar installation company for your home that you’re able to trust. Picking the right solar installation contractor is crucial in order to have the installation done right, and so you can start cutting down on your electric bill. Read onto learn more about how to pick the right solar installer for your home so you can start saving money- and the environment! SEM Power are top Florida solar installers with years of experience. Call SEM Power today for your solar installation needs!


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So how do you pick the right home solar installer, and what should you look for? Experienced, quality installers will be able to customize a solar system that is able to meet the electricity needs of your family. You should ask a lot of questions in order to pick the right home solar installer. Focus on  your installer’s experience with your questions in order to find an installer that is experienced and able to provide the services you need. You should make sure to pick a local installer who is able to understand your climate and have experience with your local building and electrical codes, and also have established relationships with local permitting offices and inspectors. If they are not familiar with the local permitting offices and inspectors, your home solar project could potentially face costly delays. You should then make sure that your local company is 100% licensed and bonded, then ask pointed questions regarding the experience of everybody who is on the crew. It’s important for you to ensure that the company is up to the job and that they won’t make rookie cost-cutting trip-ups that could jeopardize the efficiency of your solar panels. One such mistake would be using a templated solar array configuration when a customized one would let your system capture the maximum amount of sunlight. Florida solar installers SEM Power have years of experience and are highly familiar with all the ins and outs of making sure you get the best solar panel configuration possible!


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It’s also important for you to make sure that the equipment they use is up to code and the best for the job. Anyone who tells you one brand of solar panel is more or less the same as any other is not telling the truth, as not all solar is created equal. We at SEM Power calculate in factors such as durability in extreme weather conditions, degradation rates, and solar panel efficiency in order to provide you with the best solar experience that will last you a long time and save you money in electric bills.


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When it comes to picking a solar installation company, there are several factors to consider in order to receive the most cost and time efficient solar experience. SEM Power are top Florida solar installers. Call SEM Power today for your solar installation needs!

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