Since solar energy systems have become more popular over the last few years, more people started paying attention to the research and possible risks that are associated with installing these panels to your home or business. Solar companies in Florida and across the country have been trying to educate customers as well as prospective buyers that these panels are not necessarily the problem, but instead, there are other contributing factors to these fires starting. If you’re thinking about installing solar energy panels and live in Florida SEM Power is the company you need. Their team of experts will take the time to go over the space that you’re thinking of adding the system as well as sit down with you to answer any questions or concerns you may have.


What Is Causing Fires With Solar Energy Systems?

The first thing you need to do if you are worried about your own solar system is to locate solar companies in Florida that is an experience operating and maintenance service, provider. Once you call them, they will come out and scan your panels with an infrared camera to verify your install and check for any “hot spots” that could lead to a fire. If there are any “hot spots” found there are techniques they can use to remedy the situation before a fire breaks out. Although there are some costs involved in fixing these problem areas they are much lower than the potential cost that you may endure if there is ever a fire because of them.


When people learn of these potential hot spots they always ask the same question, where do they form? In older solar systems the most common place for these spots is in the junction box. The reason for this is because it is the central location for all the currents from multiple panels to come together and be fed into the main power. If your home or business features an older system, there is a chance that your junction box was under-engineered, which can render it faulty. However, modern systems feature junction boxes that have gone through sound engineering and feature ample current-carrying abilities. What this all means is that the issue with a fire being caused by a junction box is really only a possible threat if you have an older system. Luckily throughout the years of development and research manufacturers have found ways around these defects making these potential causes almost obsolete.


Another potential fire threat is due to the way the solar cells in the panels react when they are in the shade. When cells are put into the shade, they begin working as resistors and transform their energy into heat as current is flowing through them. Since developers have identified this problem, there have been improvements made that have made it possible to bypass these resistive features in the cells, which will provide better voltage and current flow even when the cells are shaded.


The final potential threat that can cause a fire with your solar system is inefficient installation. Many contractors and companies have been known to overlook the need to pay attention to the heating and cooling of electrical conduits as well as other hardware that is featured in these systems. This is dangerous because if conduits heat up and expand without being adequately accounted for the electrical wiring inside the panels can be stressed and may spark causing a fire. Making sure your installers know to provide adequate slack for the electrical runs is crucial to avoiding this problem.


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