When it comes to your knowledge on solar energy and power, how much do you know? At SEM Power, we are experts in everything having to do with solar energy. We are known for being the one of the best when it comes to solar energy near me, out of all the solar energy companies Florida. If you are entirely clueless when about the subject, we have all the expertise you need to help you move forward.


So What Exactly Is Solar Power?

On its surface, solar energy seems quite simple — the power of the sun is converted into electricity to power our homes and buildings. But in fact, there is much more to it.  Our sun works like a natural nuclear reactor. Releases tiny pieces of energy called photons towards the Earth’s surface. Photons can make the 93 million mile journey from the sun to the Earth in less than 10 minutes.


Solar panels collect those photons on Earth and knock electrons loose from their atoms. Conductors that are connected on the positive and negative sides of a solar cell forms an electrical circuit. So when electrons collected from the sun’s rays engage with the circuit, they generate electricity. A solar cell is able to collect electrons since it is made up of silicon, which is similar to semiconductors. Just like common household batteries, solar cells are made up of a positive and negative layer to form an electrical field.

Solar panels then generate direct current electricity (DC), which is running through an inverter in order to convert this power to alternating current (AC) electricity, and power our devices.


Multiple cells make up one solar panel, and then multiple panels are connected together to create an entire solar power system or module. The more panels you connect together, the more electricity can be generated from the sun’s powerful rays.


We Offer The Best Solar Energy Near Me

SEM Power has over 30 years of experience in the construction technology and solar electricity fields. The SEM team of engineers developed the first integrated solar roof systems in Florida. We have played an integral role in the design of the zero energy homes for Marc Rutenberg Homes and have installed some of the largest privately owned photovoltaic plants in Florida.


SEM Power strives to put our customers first. Our mission is to ensure that having a photovoltaic system installed is an easy process and has minimal disruption to either their home or business operations. We understand that it is impossible to be perfect 100% of the time, and we take pride in ensuring that if something does not work in the way that was hoped, we can come up with an acceptable solution quickly and easily. We look forward to having you as a customer, whether your system size is 5KW or 500KW.


Call One Of The Best Solar Energy Companies Florida

We are the ones to trust when you are looking to install new commercial solar panels. Ask us about our industrial solar panels. SEM Power has been offering the highest quality engineering, design, and installation of photovoltaic systems since 2009. We specialize in researching and implementing the latest in advanced energy technologies, including grid-tied solar photovoltaic systems, energy storage solutions, and off-grid power systems. Call us today for more information. There is no better “solar energy near me.” We are one of the best solar companies Florida.

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