According to a recent report by the Environment Florida Research & Policy Center, the city of Tampa now ranks at number 29 out of 70 major U.S. cities in terms of solar energy capacity! This is thanks to the lowering cost of solar energy, major public utility and solar companies in Tampa moving to cleaner energy, and more households installing rooftop solar panels on their homes. To learn more about solar energy, you can visit SEM Power online today.


Public Utility Companies Are Increasing Tampa’s Solar Energy Capacity

While the city of Tampa does not currently utilize solar panels on publicly-funded buildings, this is something they hope to work on soon. With power companies such as Duke Energy and Tampa Electric taking more steps towards becoming solar companies in Tampa, this goal seems to be in reach. In addition to these two major companies, TECO Energy also estimates that within the next couple of years, they’ll have enough solar energy to power 200,000 residential homes!


The Price Of Solar Energy Is Decreasing

Although the value of solar energy in terms of reducing carbon emissions cannot be understated, it’s mainly the decrease in the price of solar energy that has driven this increase. Over the past ten years, the cost of solar power has come down a dramatic 70 percent, allowing more cities and companies to run on this form of clean energy. If the price of solar technology continues to drop, it’s not a stretch to say that the entire city of Tampa could soon be powered entirely by energy from the sun!


Households Are Investing In Solar Co-Ops

Many homeowners are put off by the high upfront cost of solar panels, despite the fact that these panels can save them thousands in the long run. To combat this, some households in the area are choosing to have solar panels installed by “solar co-ops,” or groups that purchase rooftop solar panels in bulk in order to get discounted pricing. Since they are able to buy and install these panels at a lower price, homeowners are more likely to make the initial investment.


There are a couple of these solar co-ops in the Tampa Bay area. One of these is SELF, or the Solar Energy Loan Fund. SELF is a non-profit organization that provides homeowners with loans, project managers, and contractors to purchase and install rooftop panels to improve the energy efficiency of homes in the area. Another is Solar United Neighbors, which is expected to begin operations from Hillsborough County later this month.


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The news that Tampa is now one of the highest-ranking cities in the United States in terms of solar energy capacity is fantastic. With the lowering cost of solar energy, the increasing presence of solar co-ops, and the way utility companies are moving toward becoming solar companies in Tampa, this area is on track to become one of the most energy-efficient cities in the entire country! To learn more about solar energy in Tampa, contact SEM Power online today.


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