The “Go Green” movement has been becoming more popular over the last few years, which means residential solar energy has also become increasingly popular. Homeowners have been looking for Florida solar installers to add these systems to make their homes more energy-efficient. However, most people find themselves questioning whether or not adding solar panels to their homes is a good idea because they aren’t sure whether or not their house is a candidate. If you want to find out more information about solar energy, it may be a good idea to talk with professionals in the field. SEM Power is a leading provider of solar panels in Florida and could be a great company to talk to about your different options.


Figuring Out if Your House is a Candidate for Residential Solar Panels

Having a solar system at your home can be extremely beneficial for a number of reasons. Doing your part to help the environment by “going green” with your home is a fantastic way to feel good about yourself. However, not everyone’s home is a candidate for solar panels, which is why it is important to speak with Florida solar installers about your home, its location, and how you’d like to incorporate solar energy. Keep reading below to find out more information that can help you determine if solar panels are an option for you!


The first thing that the professionals will evaluate is the roof of your home. The good news about a solar system is they can be installed on pretty much any type of roof so it doesn’t matter if your roof is made out of shingles, metal, tiles, slate, composites, wood shake, cement tiles, S-tiles the experts can find a way to incorporate solar panels on your home. Also, a lot of people have concerns if their house has a flat roof, but no need to worry because these systems can even be placed on flat roofs as well! The solar company will work with a roofing contractor to make sure that your roof is stable and in good condition so they are sure that it can sustain the weight of the panels. Once your roof has been examined, and the professionals determined it will work for a solar panel, install the placement of your house will be evaluated. The reason this is a factor is that solar companies want to determine where your house is in relation to the sun. Ideally, solar panels are installed on the south-facing area because this will enable them to get the most sun exposure. If you don’t have a south-facing roof, there’s no need to worry because west-facing and east-facing roofs also provide decent sun exposure. There are even ways the solar company can make a north-facing roof work with solar panels. No two homes are exactly alike, which is why it’s crucial for you to speak with an expert about your particular home to get the most accurate answer about whether or not your home is a good candidate. 


Contact Us for Residential Solar Panels

SEM Power has over 30 years of experience as leading Florida solar installers. Our team of engineers takes the time to speak with our clients to make sure we understand what they are looking for from their project as well as any concerns they have before their installation. If you’re looking to add a solar system to your home, we would be happy to help. Call or visit us today for more information!

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