The future has been here for a while, but now it has become more affordable and efficient. Solar energy is the preferred energy not just for its environmental benefits but also for the incentives and tax exemptions from the government! Additionally, you can receive credit on your monthly utility bill from net metering. At SEM Power, we help our clients in Tampa, Florida, save money, and even profit from solar energy. Read on to learn more!

How Can I Profit From Solar Energy?

Solar energy used to be far more expensive. Fortunately, as technology advances, the cost falls more and more every day. This is excellent news as the price of fossil fuels continues to rise. Installing solar panels can help residential and commercial buildings save money. The initial sticker price on the panels may seem intimidating initially, but the final price may be less than expected! This is due to the government incentivizing solar energy in the form of tax subsidies and grants. These tax credits could even lower your annual tax bill. Not to mention, solar panels now cost a fraction of what they used to. As technology becomes more modern, we’re able to use more affordable and sustainable products. It is worth looking into installing solar panels on your property right away.    

What Are The Incentives From The Government?

In many states, the value of your home increases after installing solar panels, resulting in a higher property tax at the end of the year. Luckily, that is not the case in Florida, where there is a property tax exemption. This state wants you to use more solar power! Your property value will not increase when installing a renewable power system, so you do not need to pay higher taxes. Also, there is an exception on the use and sale tax. Now is the time to invest in solar energy.  

Why Should I Use Solar Energy?

If the incentives listed so far are not enough, there is more! Another way in which solar power can help you save and profit is through net metering. Net metering is when any extra solar energy from your property is fed back into the grid. This essentially means you are being paid for electricity. You will receive a credit against electricity consumption which results in a lower monthly utility bill. There are several reasons to use solar energy. We’ve discussed how the government wants you to use solar energy, and they’re paying you to do so with incentives and tax exemptions. Installing solar panels has become more affordable than ever before. Net metering allows you to accrue credit on your monthly electricity bill. Finally, let’s not forget that you would be helping the environment.

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There are so many ways to profit from solar energy! With all these reasons to change over to a renewable energy source, what are you waiting for? SEM Power can help you save money while also helping the environment – contact the top solar company in Tampa, Florida, right away!

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