We are pleased to take you through this mind-boggling list of new solar panel technologies sweeping the solar industry. If your Florida business or home needs the best solar panels, SEM Power in Tampa is right at your service!

Five Mind-Blowing New Solar Panel Technologies

  1. Floating Solar Farms- Floatovoltaics are known as solar power systems designed for floating on bodies of water like dams and reservoirs. This new solar panel can generate a massive amount of power without being erected on real estate or valuable land. Recent research established that the power generated by floating solar farms is 10 percent greater than regular panels. Apart from the fact that it offers clean solar power, it also aids water management.
  2. BIPV Solar Technology- Building-integrated photovoltaics is a new solar panel that blends into building architecture in varying forms. These include canopies, skylight systems, curtain walls, and facades. Unlike typical solar PV panels, BIPV is aesthetically beautiful and complements the beauty of a building. In addition, BIPV allows homeowners to save more on both electric power and building materials.
  3. Solar Skins- This new technology is a novel PV technology that implements custom designs into solar panel systems. Solar thin-film skins, due to their selective light filtration, hold high efficiency. The sunlight that shines on solar skins is filtered to get to the solar cells underneath them. Due to that, it displays a custom image and also provides solar energy simultaneously. They offer benefits to homes, businesses, and government offices. For example, solar skins can be customized to display ads, logos, and flags.
  4. Solar Fabric– Researchers are now working on solar fabrics that include solar power in each fiber. These will directly be embedded in one’s shirt or any clothing that helps people stay warmer, charge phones, and provide energy as you go.
  5. Photovoltaic Solar Noise Barriers- This involves using a noise barrier for producing solar energy. The merging of this noise reduction and sustainable power generation generates nearly 400-gigawatt hours. And that’s similar to the yearly electricity usage of more than 30,000 homes.  

What Will Be The Result Of New Solar Power Technologies?

This exciting news is that solar technologies are revolutionizing solar power and energy production in general. It is interesting to note that new solar panels don’t require a large plot of land or roof space. If you reside in Tampa, you can speak with one of the best solar companies in Tampa to install a modern and efficient panel.

The Future Of Solar Energy 

When solar energy was developed, it came with rooftop panels and ground-mounted panels. But with the advancement hitting the industry, solar panels are not becoming lighter alone, but more flexible and applicable everywhere. Surprisingly, there are even more innovative designs that are currently being rolled out. So if you’ve not adopted solar energy, you should.

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