Many homeowners are interested in using solar energy, but they often have a lot of questions about it. Here at SEM Power, we have the knowledge and experience that you need when it comes to solar energy. The most common question that homeowners ask is how long do solar panels last? Of course, it helps if you take extra good care of your panels and that you install the proper ones for your home, but there is an average lifespan. Solar panels typically last for 25 years or more, and this number is the warranty that comes with solar panels. Solar panels often last longer than 25 years, but the warranties like to play it safe just in case they do not last this long. However, the panels might not produce more than 80 percent of their energy after the 25 years is up, but they still work well. We recommend solar energy to anyone interested in installing it because it will provide so many benefits. Plus, our team offers the best panels in Tampa, Florida! 


Details About The Question How Long Do Solar Panels Last 

You might want more details regarding how long solar panels last because it can be hard to trust companies sometimes. We want you to know that panels truly do last 25 years or more, but they will not produce as much energy as efficiently after 25 years. An example of this would be if you had a panel that produces 300 watts, it would only produce 240 watts after 25 years because 80 percent of 300 is 60, so a simple calculation will tell you that 240 watts is the maximum the panel can produce after 25 years. Warranties for solar panels also come with another work warranty for manufacturers, which is 10 years. Other panels even have a 20-year warranty for work. Many people also wonder whether or not it is worth keeping their panels after 25 years since they will not produce as much energy for their homes. We want you to know that it is certainly worth keeping them installed because they are still producing energy for you! You will not notice the difference after 25 years, even though the panels are producing energy differently. 


Longer Lifespan 

For those of you who want to take extra good care of your panels to ensure that they last a lifetime, we have a couple of tips for you. First, we recommend that you replace the inverters every 10 years. Second, replace the batteries after anywhere from three to 10 years, or at least maintain them. These tips will help! 


Benefits Of Panels 

Aside from the lifespan of panels, you will receive so many benefits of solar energy; the panels will ultimately pay for themselves before 25 years are over. They will reduce your monthly energy bills, providing you with more energy than ever, and you will subsequently help the planet. 


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SEM Power are professionals who want to answer the question of how long do solar panels last? You will get amazing use out of your panels, and you will wonder how you lived without them. You can rest assured that the information we provide is accurate because we are a reliable team of experts. Call or visit us today in Tampa, Florida, for more information. 

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